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The K-I-Ls

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That's Kitties-In-Law. (excuse the pic quality...not bad for a camera-phone, but not good for a camera)

Earl's aunt is a bona-fide crazy cat lady. Her husband loves them all just as much as she does, and their two boys are just as smitten with them as their parents. Right now Carol is "down" to "only" nine - she has the neon light shining for the strays that is only visible to cats, and she hasn't met a stray that she doesn't fall in love with and work to socialize and bring inside. I didn't get pictures of all of them. There are a few that are very shy; one who only lets Carol touch him and only if his kitty buddy is right there too. But here are the sociable ones. The ones not pictures are Charlie, Chuck (who is the newest addition, and is Charlie's buddy who will only be touched if Charlie is there), and Butters. We saw Charlie and Chuck (Carol was impressed that we even saw him), but not Butters.

First are the 4 "kittens". They are 9 years old now, and were found orphaned in their garage when they were itty bitty. Carol raised them as her bottle babies, and they are all very sweet (and spoiled ). They all have flower names...

There's Cali (Cala Lily) who is a total lovebug and lap cat. She knew right away that we are cat people! This is her on my lap.

Cali is pretty sure she's people which entitles her to not only eat at the table but get the people food too. The people disagree, but she has to try! She has the prettiest eyes - a light aqua green. You can kind of see them in these pics.

Her brother Buddy (for flower bud). He has the cutest eyebrows and overbite!

Their brother Tiger (Tiger Lily). He was really sociable the when we were there in February, but this time he was playing shy-boy.

And their sister Lily, who is Carol's sweetie. Funny how Cali is a traditional calico, and Lily is a dilute calico. Gorgeous eyes again!

Making herself comfortable on the (off limits HA!) counter:

Posing pretty:

This is the old lady of the house, Tails. Tails was Earl's grandmother's cat and is now 16. Grandma took her in as a stray when she was just a little girl, about 6 months old. She passed away in February, but Tails stayed in the family. She's a beautiful lady, and still loves her scritches on the ears!

Grandma had one other cat named Kitty, who was a complete sweetheart, but unfortunately she joined Grandma at the Bridge just a month ago at the ripe age of 18.

And last but definitely not least, is "my" Illinois kitty, Rosie. I just love this pretty girl! She's a petite little thing, who loves scritches and a warm lap.

Carol said she sleeps like this all the time, silly girl:

Laying pretty on the couch:

Pretty as a picture!
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beautiful kitties, all of them. But I really like Rosie
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Thanks to Eden - I'm in with Tails!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Thanks to Eden - I'm in with Tails!
I thought of Eden every time we went over there and saw Tails. I even called her Pretty Miss Pointy Face like Eden! Tails really is just gorgeous, and so sweet, even though Carol said she gets grumpy with the other cats. Hey, at 16, she's definitely earned the right to be grumpy sometimes!
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You have pretty kitties. But Rosie is also my favourite. I just love the fluffy ones.
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I love all of the cutie patooties especially miss Rosie.
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They are all so cute!
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They are adorable, Heidi! I love the name Tails! (I have a Tales!)
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What a bunch of sweeties!
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they just go to show the amazing diversity cats have as far as their beauty goes. each and every one is as gorgeous as the other.
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What a gorgeous bunch! Tails is a true beauty, isn't she!
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