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My silly dog

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Pearl is getting goofier and goofier. (I think that she's been around Ike, for too long).

We have a large dishpan (about 5 gal.), for an outside water dish. It has been windy, lately and dust and dirt blow into it. Yesterday, I dumped it out, rinsed it and put it down, to fill. While I was feeding the hose, through the fence, Pearl dropped a rock into it.

She has always dropped things, into the water pan: toys, sticks, rocks etc. This is the first time that she's dropped anything in there, when it was empty. Usually, she "bobs" for whatever she's dropped in. Yesterday, she DID wait until the pan was full, to go after the rock. If she can't get something, right away, she paddles her paws, in the water.

She's the SMART dog, too. Ike has always been a big, loveable doofus.

See how much Pearl has grown!
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It sound like your house is like Comedy Central or something! I always enjoy reading about your adventures with the "kids"...they are always up to something!

Baby Pearl doesn't look like much of a baby any more! But obviously there still a lot of "Baby" in her!
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She's eight months old, now and solid muscle. She's almost as tall as Ike. The real fun is when she and Rowdy wrestle. Rowdy doesn't know that she isn't a tiger and she romps with Pearl, just like she does with Opie and Buddy.
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She sounds adorable!!!! and she "is" adorable!!!!
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She's a beautiful dog - I'm kinda partial to big dogs myself. Maybe she just loves water. We used to have a boxer that would open the bathroom door and climb in the shower with you - overnight guests just loved that!
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Pearl looks happy! I can tell you live in AZ.....no lawn.
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:flash: Pearl is so sweet! :flash:

i love dogs!

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I like Pearls antics , Very Sweet
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