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Can You Send A Good Thought Her Way?

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My sister, who lives in San Diego, has been without a real job (she's an RN) for almost 3 years. She's been fighting a lot of personal demons, but she's slowly getting them under control. She had an interview this morning, for a full time nursing position, with benefits (that's the WHOOPEE part!!!)
She hasn't really discussed with family, how she's been supporting herself and her kitty for the last 3 years. She says she's been doing a little per diem work for a nursing registry. My guess is that she's been cashing in her retirement fund (she's 47, and been putting money away since she was in her early 20's.)

Now, I realize that this might seem rather trivial to some, but to my parents and I, this is HUGE!

She says that she thinks that the interview went well. Please send some vibes that she gets the job. I would really like to find her gainfully employed, with medical benefits, soon!!! Then, maybe, I could worry a little less about her!

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So sorry to hear about your sister. I will certainly send out vibes and purrs for her.
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I understand where she is coming from. I've had to cash in my 401k before b/c we were so broke. I have $$ in a 401k from my last job and we're about to cash it again b/c I can't find a job.

I hope she gets the job and gets back on her feet!
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Sending many vibes that she gets the job!

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Oh, gosh -- I DO understand how huge this is, and you BET I'm sending vibes! May this be the start of a wonderful new life for your sister!
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Lots of good luck vibes coming your sister's way.
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Don´t give up to her!......

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Hoping she gets the call about the job and is gainfully employed soon!
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Wishing your sister good luck with this interview!
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that she gets the job!
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