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Boy, did I ever have a scary day!

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Today was just one of those days where I should have stayed in bed! It was raining cats and dogs when I woke up this morning and it didn't let up one bit all day long (we got 3 inches in less than 2 hours & it's still coming down). Of all the days, I couldn't find my umbrella...so I got completely soaked running into the store this morning. Even my underwear was wet! Then later on, my Mom called and said that the basement was completely flooded out! She was scooping water most of the day. Then around 4:30, Mom called to tell me that a Tornado was seen approximately 30 miles away and wanted me to be safe. We had to round up all the customers in the store and take them to the Bedding dept for safety. That was scary! Thank God is just passed us!! So, after that big scare happened...the firetrucks and police were called to WalMart because lightening had struck something right behind the store! At least we didn't have to evacuate the store!

Once everything seemed to get back to normal, one of my college buddies came in to our Pharmacy and gave me some bad news. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor! Luckily, it is not life threatening and with medication she will be just fine. Apparently she has a growth on her pituatary gland and it's been causing a lot of "women problems" for her. I was just in shock and seemed to be in a daze for a little while. She's this young vibrant woman with everything going her way and now she's been hammered with this news. It just broke my heart! I pray that she'll be ok and hopefully her treatment will go soothly. Everyone please keep her in your thoughts and prayers...Please?

So...I think I just might eat my dinner and go to bed. I don't think anything else could possibly go wrong, but I'm not going to give it a chance!

Thanks for listening to me gripe about my day! I just hope tomorrow goes better...
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Gosh,Shell, I am so sorry about your friend..at least it isn't life threatening...((HUGS)) and also, stay safe with all these crazy tornado warnings and watches going on right now..it is freaking me out...
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wow, crazy day!!!

I hope your friend will indeed be just fine! I'm sorry to hear about her condition!

Hopefully tomorrow you will wake up to a much better day!!:rainbow:
Sending good vibes your way!
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Why does it always seem when a day is bad, it's REALLY bad?

My thoughts are with your friend, with the new treatments nowadays I'm sure she has a great future ahead of her.

Here's hoping your day tomorrow is hundreds of times better. Sending you relaxing and happy vibes.
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How does that saying go?
When it rains, it pours Literally.
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shell,go take a hot bubble bath,light candles,turn out the light sip a glass of wine,when all done go to bed with your cat and tommorrow will be better!
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Wow Shell you had quite a day today. Tornados are *scary*. I'll keep your friend in my prayers and thoughts and I'm sending positive vibes to her for a great recovery.
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Oh man! What a day for you! I am really sorry about your friend, and hope she responds to the new medications they have out now.
Stay safe--this weather has been SO awful and SO scary!!!
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I have sent you a PM Shell. I also have that tumor. I have even named him - Tommy. I figure if I have to "deal" with it all my life I might as well be on a first name basis with it LOL! I have known about Tommy for just over a year now. I don't even know he is there most of the time. There are two meds. you can take to take care of him. Please feel free to have her email me any time. I have LOADS of info. to share with her. Kim
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Aw, Shell, what a day you had!!! I'm sorry about the bad news re: your friend, but I'm glad all else was at least harmless.

How'd it go with your supervisor? Did you speak to her? Or did I miss that in a different thread?

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That is one thing that prompted me to check in here (I have been slacking again!)...I heard on the news about TORNADOS and heard NEBRASKA and the only person I have even heard of being from Nebraska is YOU! So I had to jump on and see who has been in the middle of this chaos!! We are supposed to get some of it tomorrow, but the good thing is we do have all the Great Lakes around us and that helps!
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I officially said YES to the new career today! She going to get me set up with the program and then I'll have to go for an interview sometime soon with my NEW boss. Should be pretty interesting! Thanks for asking!

I sent you a PM! Thank you so much! That is so kind of you! Bless your heart! You did crack me up when you said you named it! ROTFL!!

Awww! Thanks for worrying about me! It was pretty intense for a while, but it was all over with in 30 minutes. The longest 30 minutes of my life lemme tell ya! Stay safe out there in Michigan, ok?

Today was a much better day! I didn't have nearly as many battle today as I did yesterday. Thank God...don't know if I could handle two days in a row like that! LOL!
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shell did you try the bubble bath,wine,and candles?
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Nope...I just curled up with the cats and went to bed! I don't think I've ever taken a bubble bath with candles and the whole nine yards! I definitely needed the sleep...so to me that was the best option!
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