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Is it okay for neighbors to trap and dispose of cats? - Page 2

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Wow ..all these stories I have read, make my heart ach..Let the cat live indoors. when our cats get the itching to go out, they are on a leash, that has a stake in the ground in the back yard. we will go out and sit with them intill there ready to come in. in the summer they are out most of the morning while I do gardening.. they can't be left out alone, because other people let there cats run loose. and then we have a stand off happening... not pretty..
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Honestly if you don't want your cat kidnapped or killed it should stay in YOUR YARD. They have this cool stuff called cat fencing, they also have this cool thing called invisible fencing, use it if you insist on letting your cat roam unattended. The safest place for your cat is WITH YOU.

I had a cat trying to kill my chickens. I totally lured her with a humane trap caught her, naturally it was an unspayed female, no chip, no collar, nothing. I relocated her with someone off of craigslist who needed a good barn cat.

I think it's wrong for the animal to be taken care of inhumanely, but I too am annoyed by cats coming in my yard, messing up my garden, and trying to eat my chickens. My cats stay inside. I'm working on an outdoor enclosure for them to run around in so 1.) They are safe and 2.) they stay out of other people's yards and don't cause trouble.

I know there are some cats that just can't stay indoors but that's what you deal with when you choose to take on a cat.
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I think the guy is pretty disgusting. My neighbor across the street lets their cats roam, which is against the law but whatever. The cat uses a patch of my back yard that is desert landscape as its' litter box. I have two dogs, well one ESPECIALLY that is a cat poop eater. The last time he ate some he got very sick, vomited badly a few times and had terrible diarrhea for 24 hours. Complaining to the owners of the house (they have renters) does no good. But I would never call AC on that cat, I just couldn't do it. It isn't the cats fault it is the owners fault.
Wanted to quote what I posted a while back. Now it has happened again and this time Benji got very sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, blood in his stool. We made a trip to the Vet yesterday, they did a Fecal, should get results tomorrow. I am at my wits end. My back yard should be a safe place for my cats. I am just about ready to buy a trap and trap the cat that is doing this.
But, before I do this, I will tell the owner's what I am doing and show them my vet bill, hopefully that will get them to keep their cat inside but I'm not to optimistic. This is such a bad situation but I owe my dogs a safe back yard.
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