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Tailer's had all he can stand...he can't stand no more

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I have two orange male tabby cats. They look just alike, but couldn't be more different in personality. Tailer is my older boy, he's 12, and he's my pacifist...definitely a lover, not a fighter. Forest is almost 5, he has cerebellar hyperplasia so his motor skills aren't so hot, and he's definitely the fighter. I have to separate the two of them at feeding time or Forest will eat all Tailer's food.

A few years ago, Forest declared himself supreme ruler of the living room floor. Any time another cat is on it, they're in for a fight...Forest will pounce on them and attack. I think his intention is to play, but Forest literally doesn't know his own strength. It's hard to control himself with the CH. Harvey used to take him on and fight him. Tailer, though, has a more peaceful approach...he generally just makes a graceful leap onto the nearest available piece of furniture and watches as Forest careens past him (and general ends up running into something).

Apparently Tailer's had enough. Last night I picked Tailer's dish up and prepared to let Forest out. Tailer calmly walked along the back of the couch and then jumped down into the tiny space between the couch and the desk next to it. I looked down at him and asked him what he was doing, and he looked up and whispered a meow.

I let Forest out of the laundry room. Forest came out and started investigating the new box that I have in the middle of the floor for them to play with. Forest stood there, ever so cautiously concentrating on sniffing the box. Suddenly.....BLAM.....Tailer comes charging out of his space and pounces at Forest. Forest, startled, went flying across the room and ricocheted off the wall. As he tried to stand and collect himself, Tailer calmly sauntered by and went to his favorite napping spot on the couch.

Forest hasn't bothered him since.
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go Tailer!!! Too funny! It reminds me of a story between me and my twin sister......... but that is a long one
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I had 2 females that used switch their crowns back and would rule for awhile then something would happen and then it was the others turn...
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LOL i love the way you told that story
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
LOL i love the way you told that story
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That serves him right.
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WTG Tailer!!!
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The secret with getting cats to get along is to stand back and let them work it out among themselves. Given time, they will.
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