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A note from Mr. Marbles

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What follows is what I believe that Mr. Marbles, a cat that died this week from CRF, would say to all the volenteers at the Animal shelter where he lived most of his 6 years.

To my friends:

I know you are all sad right now, but please don't worry about me. I'm feeling so good , better than I have in a long time. It's beautiful here & there are so many other kittys to play with. I was talking with some of them the other day and I began to realize that I may not have had an easy life, but I was lucky in one way. You see some of these cats only had one or two people that loved them, but not me. You all loved me, and though it's hard to believe I was much better cared for than some of the other kittys here. I just wanted to thank you all for your years of love & devotion to me. I know that you really wanted to get me a home, but it just wasn't mean to be. I know I don't even have to mention it, but please take good care of my sister. She knows I had to go, but she's still sad. Tell her we will see each other again. I have to go now we are about to start a game of chase the glitter ball, take care and see you when you get here.

Mr. Marbles
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How touching.
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It's so sad that no one took him home. I'm sure you gave him lots of love while he was there, though. God loves His little creatures, so I'm sure he is happy now. Nevertheless, I am crying too.
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That is heartbreaking! I am sending all of my to him!
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This made me cry when I read it....Sweet Marbles, you were very special!!
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This made me cry too how sad. Gods speed Mr. Marble.
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This made me cry! I'm thinking of you Mr. Marbles and say hi to Essie for me! To the wonderful people at the shelters, God bless
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kisses for mr. M
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