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Sorry, but I've got a sad one

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Well all, it was a hard week at the shelter last week & it continued into this week. One of our long term residents took a turn for the worse. He was only 6 years old & had chronic renal failure which began when he was about two. He & his sister had been there a long time (since I'm still fairly new I'm not sure exactly how long). Unfortunatly last week he stoped eating & his blood levels went off the charts. So the director took him home with her to nurse him & see if there was anything she could do for him. His sister is still with us at the shelter, I haven't seen her since this past Satruday, but I may drop by tonight to see how she's doing. Since they were litter mates we are concerned about her, so we put her in a cage with a couple other cats who she would go "visit" when we had open cage time. We are hoping their company will help to ease her into living with out her brother. Unfortunatly he is no longer with us, he left us on Monday. He & his sister spent the beginning of their lives in a church basement where they were fed, but never interacted with so they were both very shy cats. He had gotten to the point he would let people pet him, his sister unfortunatly remains very shy and will only alow people to pet her while she is in her cage. I hate to share such a sad story, but I share in the hopes that maybe someone will be affected in a way that makes them want to help cats like him. Please say a prayer for him & his sister.
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I am so sorry! I wish cats never had to pass away. It makes me cry when I read these kind of stories. I am sending prayers to the sweeties.
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I read about Mr. Marbles in Paws and Reflect, and I join you in your sorrow. I too wish there was always a happy ending in the shelter stories, but this is real life. Perhaps this heartbreaking story will persuade one of our members that there's room in their hearts and homes for "just one more." I could have moved this to The Rainbow Bridge, but it is a shelter story, so I think it's in the right place. We can mourn for Mr. Marbles, and pray that some dear, patient and kind person takes his sister home. It would be so sad if she also lived her life out in a shelter-without a real Mommy or Daddy. For now, God grant him joy. Perhaps he'll wait for you at the bridge. God bless you for caring.
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I was some what supprised at how sad this whole thing made me because I had only known him a couple of months. Of coarse we have had to all keep our heads up & keep working to find the other cats homes. When I saw Ms. Marbles on Satruday, she looked sad, but she is eating so it looks as though she might do OK. She has been moved to her own cage, I'm not sure exactly why, but he cage is right next to the cage with the other two cats she's friends with. Sometimes when people come into the shelter looking for kittens I get mad because we have all these wonderful adult cats that no one wants. I understand the joy of getting a small kitten & I understand how nice it is to be able to say I've had my cat since he or she was 8 weeks old, but I will tell you after having been at the shelter I don't understand how anyone can walk into a pet store & buy a kitten. I know they need homes too & I don't mean to offend anyone, but if you've ever spent any time in an animal shelter you'd understand why I feel this way. Because we are the only no-kill shelter in Milwaukee county we always have a waiting list of people looking to bring cats to us. I'm sure that I'm preaching to the choir on this one, but I think if everyone spent a day or two at an animal shelter they would feel differntly about the type of cat they are looking for. I will stop rambling now, I just had to get those things off my chest.
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oh....... .........
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thats a really sad story i wish cats wouldnt have to pass on either, but unfortunately, thats just how it is, but ill pray for them, and im hoping the sister cat will live in a good home someday, im sure she'll find the right owner out there somewhere.
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I thought the Wisconsin Humane Society of Milwaukee was a no kill shelter as well. They've got signs posted inside that they are a no kill shelter. Hmmmm....I haven't had a chance to stop at Happy Endings yet. I thought I had heard that they only show animals certain days during specific hours. Is that correct or have I been misinformed? Thanks for any info.
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Sandi, We have a list of no-kill shelters at the top of this page. These are the only ones listed for Wisconsin:

Adams County Humane Shelter, Friendship
Associated Society/Animal Protection, Monroe County
Chequamegon Animal League Ashland
Clark County Humane Society
Happy Endings No-Kill Shelter
Hope Safe House, Racine
Kitty Connection
Orphan Alley, Gresham
Richland Center Friends for Animals
Saint Francis Society No-Kill Shelter, Kenosha
Tri-County Animal Shelter & Adoption, Ltd., Green Lake

There is a link to add a shelter to the list via email. If the Humane Society of Milwaukee is not the one in Adams or Clark County, and would like to add their name to this list, we would appreciate it. If you would contact them and refer them to this forum I'd so appreciate it. We like to keep current. Thanks so much.
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Well, I've heard any cat that is of questionable temperament & socilization is sent to one specific loaction to be tested for how well they deal with people. Which I'm told means that most of the cats that go to that location are put down. Now I just want to say that this is what I've heard I've never actually been there myself. A quick note about the Racine County Humane society I heard last night that they are not No-Kill, but a lot lower Kill than the other Humane societies in the area & I also heard that we have taken some of their over flow from time to time. (once again never been there just what i heard)

As far as show hours for Happy Endings it's true we only show Thursday nights I think from 6 to 9 PM (sorry I'm not on the Thrusday cure). Saturdays we show from 11 AM to 4 PM it's not a lot, but we are strictly run by volenteers. Just a note to anyone in the Milwuakee area we will be showing today, Saturday & Sunday at the new PetCo on 76th near Southridge where the old Kid's R Us used to be (sorry had to give the shamless plug).
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I had originally called that Humane Society about feral cats when Lucky came into our life and that's where the gal said they check their temperament and if they consider them unadoptable they will spay/neuter them and then have the person who brought the cat in pick it up and release it back into the wild in the area the cat was trapped in. I couldn't beleive it because Lucky used to hiss all the time and therefore, would be considered "unadoptable" and I must tell you, she is the most loving little girl now - all it took was a bit of socialization (and LOTS of advice from the wonderful people here. I will definitely have to check into their "no kill" status - if indeed that applies to the cats as well as the dogs they take in.

That is so sad about Mr. Marbles, though. I'm glad he was at your shelter where good people were there to watch after him. If a cat is in questionable health - are they still put out for adoption (of course, letting the possible adopters know the health problems of the particular cat) - or are they kept separate and put up for adoption only when they're healthy enough? Just curious.

I think you're an for volunteering and giving those wonderful unwanted cats loving care and a clean environment to live in until they get new homes. I look forward to visiting when we are searching for another cat.
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Cat's like Mr. Marbles who have a long term, but non comunicable illness are put in the general adoption area & they are listed as special needs on the tag in the front of the cage. Now we do currently have 2 FIV positive cats in the shelter (& at least 1 in a foster home) These two are kept separate from the general population for obvious reasons. As far as colds & that they are kept out in the general room while being treated but they do not go to the persons home until they are better.

We have a cat right now that is proff that a ferrel very scared cat can become on of the most loveable. We got Johny & Seth in about 3 months ago & they were so afraid they wouldn't let you hold them for more than a few minuets. But after working to socialize them Johny is one of the most loveable cats I know, Seth is still a little shy, but has come so far from where he was it's amazing. A perfect example of how trusting Johny has become; the other day I opened his cage to pet him & he basicly fell out of the cage into my arms. He just trusted that I would catch him & of coarse I did but it's so awsome to see a cat change like that.
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