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This guy almost hit our daughter with his truck!

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Two years ago when we took our daughter trick-or-treating, the man who caused this accident (link below) almost ran over her. Our daughter had walked down the driveway to the door of his house, had received candy from the man's wife, and was starting to run up the driveway towards us. Just then, the man (who was driving far too fast in his huge truck), turned off of Dallas Rd. and started gunning it down his driveway. On Halloween night, too, when you know there are lots of kids around!

I jumped into the driveway in front of the truck, waving my arms frantically, and he screeched to a stop. He wouldn't have seen our little girl at all in his huge truck, and would have run over her.

This year on Boxing Day, while barreling out of his driveway, the same guy caused a crash that killed a woman. He was drunk with five kids in his truck, too!

I'm glad he's off the roads for now! What a moron!
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How scary for you and your daughter

This guy is a menace to society, and his own kids
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That is so sad that someone lost her life because of this idiot. At the same time, I am grateful that your daughter wasn't hurt.

I hope he does not drive for a very long time!
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Oh my gosh. You probably saved your daughter's life!

I'm so sorry it took a death for this man to be stopped. Too often, the law treats driving as a right, rather than the privilege it should be.
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Wow what a moron! I'm so glad your daughter is OK.
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I am so glad to hear this moron is off the road. It is too bad he didn't get stopped, before he killed this woman. I am thankful you were able to prevent him hitting your daughter.
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as the others said im glad you saved your daughter, and sad this idioy killed someone before being caught.

drink driving is totally stupid! alright we all preobably drive a little too quick at times, and maybe sometimes we forget to put our belts on in the car and so on, but drink driving? it is totally avoidable, and its a huge amount of trouble to get into over here. i dont know if its the same there, but it can carry a jail sentence here in the uk. and rightly so!

rant over!
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He caused that severe an accident by backing out? He really does not know how to drive responsibly. I'm glad you were able to prevent him from hurting your daughter.
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I don't know either how a person could flip a huge truck like that just by backing out of his driveway. I guess if you combine massive stupidity with alcohol, ice, and speed, you get this type of accident!

I had forgotten about that Halloween night until I saw that he did this. I remember thinking that someday he's going to hurt somebody.

I saw the story on the news and they said his name and showed his picture... but the newspaper seems to be hiding his identity. He is a hotshot realtor/developer and I'm going to guess he has lots of connections in high places and will get minimum punishment.

Thank you for all the kind words!
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