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Vibes for my sister

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My younger sister (she's 38) has been sick almost constantly for the last several years. She's got asthma and chronic bronchitis and sarcoidosis just for starters. Last year they found out that her iron levels were dangerously low, and she had to go for a course of iron injections. She just had bloodwork done to follow up and see if the injections worked.

They did, but they also found that her white blood cell count is off the charts. It's been steadily climbing despite all the antibiotics and everything else they've given her. They now fear that she may have leukemia. She goes tomorrow to have blood drawn to check for it.

So can I ask for some of that TCS magic here? If you have any spare vibes or prayers can you send some my sister's way?
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Many, many for your sister and for you!
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Here come a whole boatload of , Tari! that there are answers forthcoming that are considerably less scary than you all fear.
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Oh, my! for your sister!!!
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Many vibes for your sis, Tari
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Sending lots of vibes for your sister

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Your sister will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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many many vibes, and prayers that it is not Leukemia
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lots of
for your sister.
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for your sister
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Prayers for her.
If its Leukemia you can talk to me about it.
My husband has Leukemia.
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Ton's & Ton's of vibes for your sister.:vi bes::
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Lots and Lots of vibes coming your sister's way.

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Lots of vibes for your sister
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adding my & to the rest...
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Oh gosh yes, sweetie, barrages of vibes coming for your sister! Not only that it won't be leukemia, but they identify whatever it is and FIX it!
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oh what a sad new my friend...
I´m so sorry about her but count with my deepest best wishes for her!...
today when I was listen mass on afternoon she´ll be present in my prayers!...
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Thanks so much, everyone. You guys are the best!

She went today to have her blood drawn, but the doctor's assistant had failed to fax the test order in, so she has to wait until next week to have her blood drawn. Once she does, it will take two weeks to get the results back because the test has to be sent to Mayo Clinic to be done in the lab there. It'll be a stressful few weeks of waiting.

I told her today about all the vibes and prayers coming her way, and we all greatly appreciate it. I read an article recently about the power of good intentions. They've done a study that showed that patients who had others praying for them actually healed faster, so I do believe the the power of the vibes.
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I hope the next two weeks go quickly for you both
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Plenty of vibes and prayers for your sister's health!
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Sending mega prayers and vibes out to your sister
How frustrating for her that the bw workorder wasn't faxed in
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Lots and lot of for yor sister!
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Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

As some of you know, I work for a medical association for pathologists. So I have access to a LOT of information about lab tests. I asked my sister to let me know what test, exactly, had been ordered. She gave it to me, and I was able to do some research with the help of my two best friends, both of whom are medical technologists. The tests that were ordered are to find out what type of leukemia it is, and what stage it's in. They wouldn't have ordered them unless they were pretty sure she had some sort of leukemia. The test they're running indicates that they believe it's a pretty controlable (if not curable) type, so I'm hoping the result comes up positive.

I haven't discussed what I've found out with the rest of my family...they should hear it from the doctor. I'm glad that I know this, though, so can brace myself and learn a bit about it and hopefully be able to help them understand it all.

My sister has also been remembering more of her phone conversation with the hematologist, and she's saying now that she's pretty sure the hematologist said she does have leukemia, not that she might have it. I'm absolutely furious with the hematologist that she would choose to break this kind of news to a patient over the phone while they were at work!

My sister's next appointment with the hematologist is on January 27. She has asked me to go with her and to act as her advocate in dealing with her treatment. (Since I deal with so many doctors all the time I've learned how to be assertive with them...the rest of my family still has trouble with that.)The first order of business may be to find her a new hematologist.

Thanks, everyone!
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If you need to talk about it you can pm me.
My husband has leukemia.
Has she had ct scans and bone marrow tests?
Would you like to join the cancer and leukemia group?
They are very helpful.Prayers for your sister.
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We will continue to send LOTS AND LOTS of her way!!!!
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I certainly hope it's controllable/curable
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Oh Tari thats a lot on your plate right now. Sending lots of prayers, vibes and hugs your way, in dealing with this and in helping your Sis deal with this, too.
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I'm praying for your sister.
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Many more & for your sister, you, & your family, too. I hope they're able to treat her leukemia.
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