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Attitude Cosmetics

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Okay well normally when someone comes up to me from a kiosk at the mall. I politely listen but say no thanks. Well last night was a bit different.
A lady came up and asked to see my nails and then went to work on one of them. I was slightly confused but sure whatever it felt good! Lol! Well the results were an extremely shiny smooth nail in about 45 seconds. I was sold! I hate painting my nails but they are ugly so I do anyways. Well this stuff is amazing! It comes with a 4 sided nail file, a bottle of cuticle oil a sponge and lotion.

My nails are amazingly smooth, shiny and healthy looking. They also make a face cleanser and mud mask that I might be going back to buy tonight.

But has anyone else tried this stuff? Its all natural and seems to be great. A little pricey but not horrible.
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I have that buffer... it's not bad, but I don't use it that much... I'm a 'dig in the dirt' kind of girl... tomboy. I did just pull it out a few days ago... I will say one thing... if you wash your hands a LOT (like I have to on Shelter days), the shine dulls a bit after all of that.

I've never been one of those 'girly-girl' types... I hate beauty stuff, yet I have I that just in case. that buffer takes some work... and I'd rather spend my time doing other things... like giving kitty scritches or knitting.

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never heard of it
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i know what you mean, they have kiosks in the middle of the mall by me, and they always used to grab my girlfriends and start showing them,

i know a few girls that bought them,

there was another stand that this really hot swiss girl was working on though selling nuts with all kinds of sweet coatings on, man i boughht so many bags of them things!
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I work at a doggy day care so needless to say that my nail polish doesnt hold up too well. But as long as they stay smooth like this I'll be fine with it!
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It does look pretty when you smooth out all those fine, lengthwise ridges -- but when I tried that technique back in the '70s, it thinned and weakened my nails. They all broke off, and kept on breaking until the smoothed part finally grew out (months later). I hope your nails hold up better than mine did!
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