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Daily Thread TGIF Jan 9th!

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Woooweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Friday!!!

I am off to work in a bit. I am meeting Josh at the school after work to go swimming with him. He popped in to see me last night and it was such a treat! He was done school at 9pm last night so I didn't think I would see him.

Anyhoo, plans of setting up my new puter this weekend along with a deep clean of the apartment. Brunch with friends Saturday morning...and the new baby will be there

So, thats it for me? What about you guys?
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Woohoo, Friday!

I cannot wait to end this boring work week. Hopefully next week we'll pick up again and be busy and not slow. It's agonizing trying to look busy for 8 hours.

Last night I got home from work to see the lights on in our new house It's hooked up to the electric pole now, and we should be able to get our Certificate of Occupancy now. Cant move in until closing, but they told us we could move some of our stuff in with the CofO.

Today will just be work, going to lunch with Rob, more "work" (aka me looking busy but being bored), then bowling tonight with the league. Got my fingers crossed I win the $6 certificate because I bowled 120 pins over series average last week!

Nothing really planned for this weekend. Rob will probably work Saturday, boo. Then Sunday we have to take both furbabies to the vet. Nero will need to be put back on Clavamox instead of Amoxidrop because the Amoxi has done just about nothing for him this last month. Katina will most likely get a clean bill of health because her sore healed up nicely.
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Well its Nei;'s birthday today so I purchased some bagels which we had for breakfast and am making a nice gourmet dinner tonite!! Got him a couple of woodworking magazines-its tough when ones birthday is so close to Christmas!!

Other than that picking and cleaning around the house for most of the day-we might get a bit of snow but the majority of the snow is staying south-Chicago will pick up most of the snow from this front passing through.

Finalized my plans for next Thursday when I take a bus trip to the Mid-Am Horticulture trade show in Chicago!!

Thats about it-no plans for the weekend yet-temps are going to start cooling down outside for the next week.
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Today has started out bad for me. I burned my finger making pop tarts. I mean badly. I was taking one of the pop tarts out of the toaster and I got some of the HOT HOT frosting on my thumb and it seared onto it and now it's got a nasty white hot burn from it. On top of the fact that we have to take Isis 45 minutes away from here for a vet appt and it snowed last night....
My back is killing me and I have a doctors appt in an hour and don't really want to go. I feel like my life is going goofy today! Why is that?
I think I need to go back to bed and hide for the rest of the day...
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Originally Posted by jugen View Post
I feel like my life is going goofy today! Why is that?
I think I need to go back to bed and hide for the rest of the day...
That's how I felt on Wednesday.

Hubby is home sick again. FIL just called to take us out to eat but we haven't showered yet. I can't walk out the door without a shower. They wanted to leave now.

The baby let me sleep through the night. I think the dessert cake before bed helped.

Sometime this weekend we have to take the Christmas decorations to storage and clear out the soon to be baby's room. Lots of back/forth and up/down the stairs....just what I love.
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i absolutley hate my job, i work in a call center repeating myself over and over all day, and after a while im ready to go nuts. why do i stay? well...its a very good company, good benefits, 3 wks pd vacation a year, and i really love my bosses and the people i work with, its a really nice place to work. i just wish theyd post a diff position and i could transfer. i have to be thankful tho cause they been laying people off like wildfire and i still have a job. so im off to work at noon, then ill prb just come home and relax and wait for tomorrows snowstorm. Mark finally got his truck back everything is fixed new tires new everything, so now i have something to drive in the snow.

what i do plan on doing is getting a bunch of bags of these clothes i dont wear and taking it to the salvation army. we are pack rats, not a dirty house just packed with so much clutter, so i want to start by getting rid of these clothes!
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Morning All!!!

Sunny today and a balmy -25C . The sunshine is great though we haven't seen a whole lot of it the last 2 months.

Think I will bundle up after lunch a go for a walk on the fitness trail, it should be nicely groomed now after the last bunch of snowstorms.

Other then that I have a pretty quiet day ahead, I got some linens to put away and tidy up the bathroom but I am way ahead of the game on my housework.

The kitties are certainly enjoying the sunshine, all three are lounging in a sunspot by the living room window.

Everyone have a great day.
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Good morning!

It's cold and snowy, and 19F. I'm off to work in a bit, and won't be home then until after midnight.
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Good afternoon!

I couldn't sleep last night and finally fell asleep around 4am only to wake up around 5am. I got up, paid bills, fed my girls, showered and just as I was running out the door the phone rang. I thought it was Handi Transit letting me know they were downstairs. Turns out it was work asking me if I would work this evening. I said no because I had some errands I needed to run, but I felt guilty.

I ran my errands. Met with a banking officer to discuss a tax free savings account and some RRSPs and set those up. Then went to the stationary store to pick up some stationary supplies, then walked 3 long blocks to the library, only to find out the ink stamp I bought said "Received" instead of "Paid." So I walked back to the stationary store and exchanged it. Then went to the post office to mail some letters, then back to the library to take out some books.

All the time I kept thinking I should phone work back and tell them that I would go in, because I just know that someone is going to be made to stay a double shift.

I got home a little while ago and somehow I have resisted calling work As much as I want and need the money, I'm also feeling exhausted and I know I need to rest, so I'm going to go and lay down and read a book and take a nap and enjoy my day off
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Good afternoon everybody! Good news, mom's surgery was a success no problems & she is doing much better today, she took 2 short walks around the hospital & she's not using any of the pain meds! So were hoping they will send her home Sunday...sigh, what a relief! So I'm spending the day at the hospital so she's not alone, although she's had 3 visitors so far today, but I can't bear to leave her...I'm hoping to go home 2nite and have a glass of wine & relax some, spending 12-15 hours a day at the hospital can wear a person down!
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Good morning folks!

I've not long got home - my partner is house sitting at his brother's house and I love to see the cats there. They've also got a blue tongue lizard, mexican walking fish, frogs and fish! I can't stay because I've got too many pets of my own.

I'm just posting a bit on TCS then will feed the cats, then go to the gym and then have lunch.

After lunch I will probably go for a bike ride or clean my room!!

Then I've got work at 6PM till 12.30AM. So have a good weekend folks!
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