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Cat harness for Blossom?

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I have been thinking of getting Blossom a harness as oh started taking her outside & over time she now tries to escape every day & has finally learnt how to open the screen door. She used to be satisfied to roll around on the back steps & eat the grass at the bottom of them.Lately she has been going further around our back & front yard. She's been under the house & in the garage.
I think if she got to go out on a harness it would satisfy her & take away my fears that she would get lost. How can I go about getting her used to having a harness on. When she was a baby I tried putting a collar on her & she absolutely hated it. I thought she would be more tolerant of a harness. Also, what type is the best, the H shaped one or the other type? can't remember what they are like.
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What a cutie Blossom is
I use the H-style for JC, but Joey responds best to the 8 style. I started them off by just putting it on for a few minutes a day and bringing out their fave teaser. When outside, I "cue" JC just as I would a horse with a bit - with light pressure on the opposite side of the direction that I want him to go, followed with an immediate release of pressure.
JC is MaineCoon, with similar temperament to a Border Collie, so he needs extra exercise & mental stimulation. 2 walks a day plus intense evening play sessions followed by a large dinner are what works best at keeping him calm & sleeping thru the nite.
If you have time, you can also 'bungee-cord' a cat carrier on top of a baby stroller and take your cat for long rides. It looks odd but it puts the cat above the eye level of even tall dogs, which is safer than the typical cat/small dog stroller - in fact, it scares most dogs & an outgoing cat LOVES the mental stimulation of checking out the neighborhood. Joey would be stressed out and scared, but JC loves his buggy rides
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Thank you she is rather gorgeous. The baby stroller idea made me laugh. I've had a couple in my garage for a very long time. My youngest is nearly 23. Oh wanted me to get rid of them ages ago. If I tell him I'm going to take Blossom for walks around the neighbourhood, I know he'll give me strange looks.
So do you think that she'll like the 8 style better, is it a size thing or just their personalities?
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I use Roman Style dog harnesses (Kramar brand from Petstock), they sit in a V down the chest not around the neck.
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I don't like the figure 8 style harnesses, they are too easy to get out of IMO. I use the H-style.
One note though, after I started taking my kitten Church out on the harness and sometimes in a stroller, he then became VERY interested in the outdoors and would hang out in front of the screen door so we had to be very careful when going in/out to not let him get out!
I actually bought a pet stroller, I find it very useful for going to the vet and cat shows and I also took Church and Roxy for walks in it when they were kittens, which they loved.
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I use This Harness, in large. It's great - she feels very comfortable in it, and the adjustment period was not hard at all...
Granted - she walks me, I don't walk her... Training consisted of putting the harness on her and leaving it on for a while everyday... Always doing fun stuff - Da Bird is great for that, as it makes them move a lot. Then when she was comfortable I put the leash on and took her outside. I have only taken her to my building's garden so far - I want her to be comfortable in an open space before I take her to a park, etc.
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Kattengak has a Puppia brand harness for Itty Bitty - i always thought it looked very secure & comfy! she has a black/white striped one [similar to this zebra one] - it looks great on her solid black Oriental!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
Kattengak has a Puppia brand harness for Itty Bitty - i always thought it looked very secure & comfy! she has a black/white striped one [similar to this zebra one] - it looks great on her solid black Oriental!
Wow - that does look cool and comfy!
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