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I need a new name!

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After much consideration following the loss of my 17.5 year old cat to cancer, I decided to add a new member to our family. I went to the humane society today and met with a few very sweet kitties. The first one was so terrified of everything even after I'd sat with him for almost an hour that I knew it wouldn't be fair to bring him to a house with dogs. The second kitty I sat with broke out of her shell a little quicker, but I just didn't feel a click with her. While I was playing with these little darlings, there was a shelter volunteer in the next room with a couple of other kitties. I watched them play and fell in love, but they had already been adopted. As I gave the little girl kitty back and was ready to leave, I commented on how cute the other two were but it was a shame they were already adopted.

Well apparently while I was there visiting, the person that was going to pick up the other kitties found out that the shelter made a mistake regarding their gender. They were two male kitties instead of females like these people wanted. The boys had both been neutered, chipped, vaccinated, and were ready to be picked up, but the adopter said forget it, they wanted girls.

Well their loss was my gain. I took them out, and while I was only able to adopt one, I fell head over heels for this little guy. I instantly clicked with him, and had no doubt he was the one for me. I felt bad not being able to take his friend home as well, but was happy to be able to pull one out of a shelter and in to a loving home.

His shelter name is Ambrosia, which is probably why the other people thought he was a girl. So here he is, all name suggestions welcome

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He is cute.
How about Midnight,Sparty,Sparticus
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He's so cute, how about Sooty, Button, Cinders, Lucky, Stormy, Shelby or Sparky.
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what kind of names do you like - people names or non-people names? names based on purrsonality or appearance? something that 'goes' w/your other pets' names - if so, what are they? do you have any type of theme?
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I don't have any sort of theme going for them currently. I have a few with people names, and a few with definite pet names so I really have no preference. Just whatever seems to fit them. I'd like to try to stay away from the sterotypical black pet names though. Right now I've got an Abby, Misty, Max, Munky, Sasha, and Pipsqueak. The kitty I just lost was Sam.

He's only been home with me a few hours, but so far he is the most playful AND affectionate kitten I've ever met. When I first sat down with him at the shelter he ran up to me and started to purr. Then he started racing around the room playing with and bouncing off of everything in sight. Then back to me to curl up in my lap and purr some more

Right now he's in our laundry room (I heard it's best to confine them to one room for the first couple of days) with litter box, food/water, and toys. I have ferrets as well (he's not with the ferrets, I just moved some of their stuff for him to use), so I have tons of kitten type toys so he's got a few pieces of kitty furniture to play with and climb on. When I went in there to visit with him he was in a cubby I set up for him with a little round bed. I called out to him and he darted out of the crate, jumped in to my lap and started purring his head off
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Awwww! My goodness what a sweet little face peering up at you! Filled with love and trust!

He's got the nicest little white locket on his chest. You could call him Locket.

Cole (Coal)
Maybe an S name in honor of your RB kitty... Stuart, Sherman, Salvatore, Samir (Muslin for jovial and entertaining companion!), Scottie, Seamus( Shaymus).... etc. Shane, Simon....Spencer...Stevie...
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I suggested a couple of black names. If you don't like that, how about Cuddles, Spud, Buddy, Simba, Spike, Toby or Jordy.
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Salem, Damian. Shadow, Jet, Jynx

PS What a cutie!! Congrats!
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I like some of these names that were already suggested: Jinx, Jordy, Salem, Cole, Quinn.

I love his little face! Very trusting and full of love!
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Thanks all for the suggestions! I'm making a list and my husband and I will go over them later tonight when he gets home and we'll see what fits
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I don't have any suggestions, but just wanted to say congrats on your new baby

he's gorgeous!
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He's a doll! Picking up on the idea of an 'S' name, in honour of your departed boy, how about Solomon, with "Solly" as the familiar form -- I can well imagine him being "Silly Solly" from time to time.
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K-Pants Jr Or Shinobi Jr, hahaha... he looks like a mini version of mine and tab's boys.. right down to his little white locket. Whatever you call him, he looks like a doll
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