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New kitten not peeing?

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Toby, my new 15 week old kitten, has been here about a week and a half. I just realized that I don't see any pee in her litter box, just poop. She doesn't really drink much water and I don't know what to do... please help me as I'm a first time owner. Thanks!
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Is she peeing elsewhere is my first thought?

Have you seen any pee clumps at all?
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I don't think she is peeing elsewhere, but I have noticed a few darker spots of litter underneath the top layer. I will keep an eye on it tomorrow... I just gave her litter box a poop scoop today. I didn't notice any wet clumps though... but maybe it's just the quality of the litter I'm using and she IS peeing, and that's the darker parts I am seeing. I hope that's it. The brand I use is cheap so I'm planning on upgrading to a higher quality soon.
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It sounds like you might be using clay litter, the non clumping kind? if that's the case the pee won't clump up. you'll just see darker litter under the first layer like you mentioned. the poop will be the only clumps.

if you get clumping litter (a little more expensive) you'll see clumps for both. It's a lot easier to clean for me that way. It's easy to spot the difference. clumping litters say so on the box. But most non-clumping litters don't say anything.
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That's probably what it is. I will invest in a better clumping litter soon! Thanks!

PS I just found some pee in her litterbox, so that's DEFINITELY what it was. Sorry to have wasted anyone's time with a stupid question!
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Theres no stupid questions, its better to be safe then sorry.
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