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Feeling Guilty over work trip

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My role at work just changed and I need to do some travel every other month. The longest I will be gone is three nights. I will have someone to come in every day and check on my two three-year-olds.

So I am sure there are others out there who have the same situation. How do you stop feeling guilty? I know they will be ok but I am way bothered by it.


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I know it is hard not to feel guilty when you have to travel. You are not doing anything wrong that you should feel guilty about. Your cats have each other and it is awesome that you will have someone checking on them. If you did not work it would be difficult to provide your cats with food, litter, toys and medical care. You are working to have money to provide for your cats.
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I agree with her, ...that´s something that happen with the jobs,...
Make sure that the person who going to see at your kittys be a real of confianze as well are you my friend, so this way you´ll be focus on your labour....
I wish you a deep Good Luck about it!.....
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Oh hon, I know how you feel. I once got "stranded" in Hawaii. We were flying stand by using company passes and they didn't have room for us on that flight and had to try the next day. I literally sat on the curb of the airport crying because I missed my cats! My BF (at the time) said...ok, we have the company credit card, we are in HAWAII for another day, and you are crying???

Cats can entertain themselves, and as long as you have someone checking in on them everyday they will be fine. But, I will warn you, you may get the cold shoulder when you get home the first time. I had to leave my cats for 2 weeks due to a family emergency. One of my kitties wouldn't have anything to do with me until the next day. It was my punishment for being away so long I guess. But after that he was back to his normal loving self.
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I travel about every six weeks for business, so I'm in the same boat.

I agree with everything the others have said. They'll be just fine, and your travel is part of helping support and care for them.

And the cats will adjust. The first couple times I traveled they didn't know what was going on. They wanted to play in the suitcase while I packed, but gave me the cold shoulder when I got home. After a few times, they figured out that the suitcase meant I was going away, and they'd get upset when it came out and give me the cold shoulder when I got home. Ater a little while, though, they stopped getting upset about it. They're used to me leaving from time to time and they know they'll be taken care of. They hardly blink an eye when the suitcase comes out anymore, and greet me at the door when I return.
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Thanks for all the support. I have my gf whose dogs I take out during the week and just be extra sure i have my parents coming down too. The maid will ecen be here one day (but they her as she makes vacuuming noises). I definitely relate to the HI story as i could see the exact same reaction. Thanks again!
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I travel often for work, and I can't help but missing her terribly and thinking of her constantly... I do have a person who LOVES her come in 2x day to play, feed her and clean the box... I have lots of pictures of Lucky with me when I go away, and I usually sleep hugging a picture of her when I miss her too much - I know, that sounds totally weird, but... I also call the lady twice a day to check on her; it helps a lot... The truth is, it is worst for us then for them - big time! maybe they should be the ones feeling guilty? Just kidding guys!
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