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Tinker's first trip outside... Ever!

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She still isn't crazy about the leash but she's good about it

I walked her down to the creek behind the house and put her down to explore. She didn't get very far but I can tell she liked being outside.

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I am glad she enjoyed her little walk.
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Aww... what a nice treat for her.
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Beautiful pic! I remeber the first time I took Lucas outside, he was nervous, but he didn't mid the leash, he forgot he had it on
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I bet she liked being outside with her daddy. She is so pretty and the harness & leash are very attractive on her.
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I love Tinker!

She's definitely one of my faves on TCS. She reminds me of Ari's (PinkDaisy's) Baylee!
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Awww how cute is that!!! That is awesome! - Congrats!
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Lovely pic. She looks happy to be out.
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It's not the best picture. I sure liked my DSLR better, but it takes good ones. This one is fuzzy. but Tinker didn't want to stand still long lol.

Today I'm going to try it again. poor wilbur wants to go to but not until he's all healed up!
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Awww, she is very cute wearing her pretty blue harness!
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Awww...she looks like the epitome of 'curious.'
She really looks like she's having a good time.
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oreos completely country shes already use to the snow never mind dirt.water,grass,concrete and others
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