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just got home today and noticed no poop (sorry to put it that way) and i changed her tray 3 days ago, she always seems pretty regular.

what made me think somthing is the matter is that as i write this she is sat in the corner of my room pulling some funny faces, and looking a little lost, i suspect she is trying to go? obviously i dont know why she would be doing this anywhere other than in her tray, but i would rather she did and i cleaned it up than her not go???

she hasnt devoured her food either the last week as she usually does either? she normally goes mental for the squishy food in the little packets, and not so bothered with the dry stuff, but this last week the oposite?

she seems ok generally though, and i just had a very gentle press on her tummy as i saw a programme last week on the telly about "specail needs pets" and this guy had to do it for his cat manually everyday squeezing its tum over the loo, i wasnt attempting that, i just thought if she were constipated she wouldnt let me prod her if she was in any discomfort?

maybe im worrying for nothing, she has never been ill, and i dread the day she actually is. put my mind at ease guys!
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Well if it was my kitty I'd be going to the vets....if mine are off there food for more than 3 days I take them in to see whats wrong...Might not have anything to do with constipation....is she straining in her litterbox ? Have you noticed anything different about her urination ? Sometimes constipation goes hand in had with other plumbing troubles.....Maybe she should see a vet..b4 anything gets worse

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1st no poo for three days would be very uncomfortable. 2nd, please do not try to stimulate her to poo if you have never been shown the proper way to do so by a vet. Finally, I would at least call the vet I would think after 3 days they might want to do an enema (not something I would ever do at home although I know people who have).
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check flower pots lol Jake pooped in one of mine once...Then of course it's hard to know for sure whether there is poop in there apart from the soil..Maybe you should call the vet and he can tell you what to pay attention to and whether she needs to be seen.
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since posting the thread she has gone for a wee as normal, and as i watched her around the door i saw her rake the litter over it and uncovered what i was hoping for, so i emptied the box and sure enough she has been!

the surface of the litter was so smooth though like when i have just changed it, i should have checked first really, but just didnt see how she could have hidden it so well.

as i say i wasnt trying to stimulate her to go, i was just trying to see if she didnt like me touching her tum it would suggest it was painfull, she didnt seem bothered anyway.

just me being paranoid, i have always been lucky with her having not been ill.

thanks guys!
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Well thats a good thing then...but be sure to keep an eye on her eating habits...glad she is ok....nothing worse than a sick kitty...

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Oh lol that's such good news!!! I was thinking of that because my Jake used to never cover his poop and now he does, and a lot of times I find the litter looking clean as if i just changed it but once I dig i find a lot of poop lol....I wasn't sure all cats do this though, and Jake only left it uncovered when he was really tiny and then always covered it.
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