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Anyone looking for a kitten in northeast Ohio?

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I'm fostering 3 kittens (littermates) for a local rescue. I actually found and rescued the kittens myself. I've already become so very attached to them! It will be very difficult to let them go. Just anybody won't be worthy. So, I am wondering if by chance there is anyone here from the northeast Ohio area that is looking to adopt a kitten (or 2 or 3) or that knows someone who is interested. I know that most of the people here are truly devoted to their cats and it would make me feel so much better if I knew they were going to a home with people like some of you I've talked to here.
And...if anyone would like to adopt all 3, you would be just about be my favorite person on earth. These three babies are like the three musketeers. I'd hate to see them broken up. I'm very scared that someone will adopt 2 and leave one lonely little guy or girl behind. I'm required to put the cats on Petfinder and I'm going to take them to a showing at the local pet store in a little over a week. I'm scared to death to just give them to someone who walks in to the store. I'm morally opposed to that pet store to begin with!

I know these are the things you have to go through when fostering. To find them all good homes, even apart, is the main goal. Yet, I figured asking here first was worth a shot!
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Kittens! I'd love a boy cat to replace the one I lost (though no other cat can quite do it I'm afraid, Didi was a one in a million cat). I know how hard it is - you do get really attached. Just think though, all the love and socialization you give the wee ones will give them a really good shot of finding that great forever home. Do you have pics to post? (that always helps!)
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I will post pictures once I find the USB cable for my camera. It seems to have disappeared!
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Oh I totally understand how you feel and wish I could take all 3! I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you! Pics would be great!
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These little guys are about 3 months old. They've been to the vet, received all of their routine shots, been dewormed, and now have a clean bill of health! They will be neutered once they are old enough (the vet waits until their are at least 4 months old). I am fostering them through a no-kill, non-profit rescue that will pay for the kittens' spay/neuter.
The black kitten is Daisy. She's sort of the leader of the pack. Daisy is almost always the one to instigate something! She's very curious and adventurous. She's also a huge love bug! Her purr sounds like a motorboat, and you don't even have to touch her to get it going! Yet, she rather play with you or lay next to you than be held on your lap or in your arms.
The gray kitten is Matilda. She's the shy, quiet one of the group, but don't let that fool you. She can play and tumble like the best of them! If you're gentle with her, you'll have her purring in no time! She's also more than willing to lay in somebody's arms.
The long-haired kitten is Simba. He's the bodyguard of the group and also happens to think of himself as a little lion. He's very easy to hold in your arms when he's not tumbling and rolling around on the ground! He enjoys play, but I believe he'll grow into the ultimate lap cat! He puts on a brave, strong front, but I think he just wants a a super plush kitty bed, plenty of toys, and a lifetime supply of kitty treats.
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UPDATE: Simba has been adopted by a wonderful woman. She already has one male cat, so Simba will have a big brother! He'll finally get to go to his new home next week!

I'm still trying to get Daisy and Matilda adopted. Several applications have come in, but nobody meets me standards! They're all so...weird. I'm hoping a normal person will come along. It would be even better if the normal person would adopt both girls.

They were taken to the vet today and received their second round of shots and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. They'll be spayed/neutered on Feb. 11!

I wish I could keep them all!
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They are so cute. Good luck finding them furrever homes.
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They are so cute I hope you find them good homes.
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Simba should be going to his new home within the next few days!
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Originally Posted by MissKitties View Post
Simba should be going to his new home within the next few days!
Great news!
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Well, Simba went home with his new mom today! He's going to have a big brother kitty waiting for him at home. I'm sure he's there now, scared to death. I can't think about it right now without tearing up. While I know he's in good hands, it's hard knowing I'm not there to comfort him. Fostering is so hard!
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