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Don't Wait To ACT!

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I was posting threads on the S.O.S forum but this topic seems to be more appropriate here. If you have been following my story or are new to it - I began feeding four feral kittens in August, I didn't really act until November on any major scale. At that time my wife and I began getting them fixed and getting their shots done, but it wasn't until it got cold that we made the decision to bring them all inside on a permnant basis, even though one was still very feral. Things have gotten better, and after I was bit by one and spent time in the hospital all are doing much better, healthy and playful, EVEN THE ONE THAT BIT ME! my point is this......don't wait to act.

Our apartment complex just put out a written notice to all residents to inform us that all feral wild cats found outside will soon be destroyed by animal control, and until that happens please stop feeding them. I have seen other feral cats and many neighbors don't control their cats or keep them inside all the time. If my wife and I had waited we may have not had our new families members safe. Obviously many people can not bring inside 4 cats, and colonies can be even larger. But if you are feeding a lone kitty maybe its time you brought her inside before you discover one day that the cat is gone.
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Are there other people in your apartment complex that would help in a TNR program? Is there a shelter or organization that could also assist in helping these cats instead of destroying them? Our local humane society works with different community groups to get colonies in a TNR program and then caretakers are assigned to care for them. Try and contact Alley Cat Allies for some additional help. Good luck and I am so glad that you saved some of those kitties!
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I guess what makes me angry the most is that the people in my apartment complex, the ones complaining about the feral cat population are the very ones who let their unfixed cats out without thinking of the consequences or worse yet throw out the kittens or abandoning them thinking them too much trouble and feeling that they can survive on their own. Trust me the people in my neighborhood don't plan and think ahead. That is one reason we are moving-the main reason.

If I were to attempt to TNR the other cats in the neighborhood my wife would kill me because of spending three days and $5,000 in the hospital after being bit. Also the Comlex has already said any unregistered/no collared cats will be round up and destroyed. I wouldn't be helping the cats unless I could find another place for them to go, I wish I could save them all. But for now four will have to do.
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A local humane society got involved in a similar incident in my area. They approached the apartment complex management and educated on why they shouldn't do what they were doing, then offered to help have the cats TNR'd. They were able to convince them. In another area of the city, the city wanted to do the same thing in an area overrun with feral cats. In spite of the protests from the local rescue groups, they started their program. The rescue groups got the media involved and that city was ostracized for killing these cats. They stopped the program.

Call around to your local shelters, preferrably one that is no-kill as they are the most likely to have TNR programs and ask for help. If you can't find one, contact Alley Cats Allies as KRZ suggested. They might be able to put you in touch with a group locally that can help you.

There are ways to stop this from happening, but someone has to speak up and get the support you need. Keep a copy of the notice that they will kill the cats, because you will need to turn it over to anyone that helps you, or share it with the media. Don't be afraid to call your local radio and TV stations to complain about this. You'd be surprised at how quickly some of them will pick up on a story like this.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
....You'd be surprised at how quickly some of them will pick up on a story like this.
Yes - especially when there ARE alternatives. Get over to Alley Cat Allies site, print out some of those brochures and help people in your complex become your ally in preventing the slaughter!

And YAY you and your wife for rescuing the kittens you did.

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