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To add a fifth or not. That is the question...

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The past few days I've been compelled by the urge to add a new kitty to my family. Maybe it's the post-holiday doldrums or something, I don't know. Maybe the need to play "daddy" to someone new and helpless again. I've been frequenting the local shelter site every day, and I've been stricken with this "I've got to do something" feeling. So many kitties. Always room for one more, right?

I've said for a few years now that my Family of Four is perfect. That I'd never disrupt the essence that exists now. But that's me talking, speaking for them. Maybe they'd like a new companion, someone new to learn about and play with? They're the best cats, they adapted very well to each other, and are so domesticated and spoiled, I'm almost afraid to throw a wrench into that continuity with another cat; because frankly, I'm not sure my cats think that they're cats. They're simply my equal/superior, and they're quite aware of this.

I'm going today at lunch to look at a sweet little guy that I sure get a good feeling about when I see his picture. I'm really up in arms about this; I don't expect "answers" from anyone with a situation like this, but has anyone had to relate to these sorts of feelings when adding to their kitty family? When you certainly don't "need" one, and everyone is happy, but you can't think of a good (factual) reason not to add one, with so many needing homes?
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Personally, if everything is going so good why ruin it? I had 5 cats at one point and for some reason they started to single one guy out. They would steal food, fight.....they would just push him out of the group and wouldnt allow him to do anything. In the end I had to find him a new home (thankfully one of my friends took him and he is soooooo happy now and gained weight since he was able to eat and not be stressed). But thats just my experience.

I suppose if you really really really wanted to try getting another cat you could "foster" the one you want to adopt for awhile to see how things go. I'm sure the shelters will work with you if you ask.

Good Luck!
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I recently added a 5th to my crew, and because she's a kitten and the other 4 are adults, she was quickly accepted and everyone is doing fantastically.

I was afraid a 5th might "upset the apple cart" but she's been a joy, and all the others are having fun with her (even if they won't all admit to it.)

Do what makes YOU the happiest. Just be prepared that there is a possibility that there could be problems - it doesn't mean that there WILL be.
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I heard a long time ago from other breeders/owners that its better to try and keep it an even amount as they can pair off better. As long as everyone is neutered and spayed, you shouldn't have too many problems. Females tend to take longer to accept then males, so you might consider your M/F ratio.

Remember you'll need another litter pan too.
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I added a 5th cat Dec 10 and it has worked out great.
No one hissed or anything.
How do your cats react to new cats?
Here are pics of mine.
You can see how thye get along.

This is Cleo and Oreo Cookie Monster.

Coco my almost 17 old cat with Cleo.

Cleo and Sasha playing.

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We sure didn't plan on getting a 5th, but Annie needed rescuing (she was in the middle of a National Forest, and would have made a light snack for something!), and the no-kill shelters were full. Turns out, she was exactly what our fur-family needed that we didn't realize they needed.

Now we're really, really stopping at 5. 4 was full, 5 is perfect for the kitties and we're almost too full. Any more would be overflowing.
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I added a 7th to my house because I had this incredible urge to save a life from the shelter for Christmas. The shelter said "Ace" was a little over a year old but when I saw her I knew better(I think she is over 5). She was who I had my heart set on and she is now a part of our family. She has 2 other females to deal with and the eldest female always gets angry. Zoey wasn't to pleased either. Ace is now named Felix and they are all working their little pecking order out pretty good. Felix is a quiet gentle girl and bless her heart she has to deal with my maniac bengal cat. My abyssinian cats are such sweet little cats they never get mad when a newcomer comes into the house. I am over my limit in cats that we agreed on in the house. 6 is supposed to be my limit.

Technically I have 8 cats but one is a stray we have taken on a few years ago. He is a hobo and my neighbor and I both feed him and get him medical care. BW only wants inside when it's really cold out. He has shelter at both our houses. He was offered a life of luxury but wants no part of it......
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