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Daily Thread Thurs Jan 8th

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Morning peeps!

Woooooweeeee, the snow has stopped!!! It was a dicey drive home from work yesterday, took me double the time to get home. But I got here!

Off to work, and then putting away laundry and some tidying tonight. I can't wait for the weekend..I get to see Josh. He is back in school and has some classes at night now I can't wait to get married, then at the very least I'll get to sleep beside him and wake up with him.

Should be a busy day at work today after yesterdays weather

Have a great day folks!
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Good morning

It's cold out!! It was 45ºF on the way to work this morning, but feels so much colder.

Going to be another long boring day at work, I only have about 7 batches today and am here until 3pm. It's been getting hard to look busy for so long! I'll probably even finish the book I'm reading this afternoon while waiting for Rob, so I might just stop by the library after work and return the two I already finished.

Looking forward to it being Friday tomorrow for sure - end of the week, a few days off from being bored at work, and bowling again (wonder if I'll get another 191 )
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Good morning. Still light snow this morning but better then yesterdays all day sleet! The trucks heater stopped yesterday of all days when we need the 4 wheel drive. So have to take the truck in to the garage to have the heater fixed/replaced. Good thing its only a few miles away will be a cold ride with no heat and 29 F out brrr.
Not much else planned for the day daughter in laws day off so I don't have to baby sit..
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Glad you made it home safely Nat.

Another morning of waking up at 4am but this time I had to eat since I had the Glucose test at 8am. I am ready to drop.

I have nothing planned today. Vacuuming will just have to wait. Hubby is home sick with a head cold and feels like he is dying.
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Morning all!!

Sunny here this morning but very

Going to get bundled up shortly and go out and clear the snow off my deck and stairs. After that I am taking a walk down to the corner store to pick up cat treats (I forgot them yesterday so am in the doghouse) and a newspaper.

Nothing else planned for the day however, I may do a couple of loads of laundry, towels, linens, and the kitty blankets and beds should be run throw the wash as well.

Other then that just going to be a quiet day.

The kitties are window watching, the sunshine brings tons of birds to the feeders, this morning we have both Blue and Canada Jays, some chick-a-dees, a nuthatch or two and a few rose-breasted grosbeaks. And of course a couple of black squirrels that insist on tormenting the Blue Jays.

Everyone have a great day
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I took today & tomorrow off...I am sitting at the hospital waiting for my mom to get out of surgery, she's having a full hysterectomy due to some precancerous cells they found...say some prayers please
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Hoping your mom's surgery went well!!

A poor night sleep so I stayed in bed until 7:15!

Then off for errands, Christmas presents for stashing away, office supply store and gorcery store to get food foe Neil's birthday meals tomorrow.

Came home and shoveled driveway-only an inch again not worth the snowblower time!!

Made arrangements and have to finish as I'm going to Chicago next thursday for a large horticulture trade show!!

Resting a bit as I have a messy kitchen to deal with before dinner get started.

Bobs is staring at something out the window the others are taking their afternoon nap!!
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today was my 2 yr anny at my job
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