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Looking for bengal breeder

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I have done serious thinking and planning out. I am going to get a bengal. The only problem being I have no idea where to find a breeder. Does anyone on the site breed bengals? I live in Ontario Canada and cannot travel due to certain health conditions. Can someone please help me find a reputable breeder? I am not looking for show quality, just pet quality.
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You may have to wind up shipping the Bengal. But Nial (Kai Bengals) is a Bengal breeder in N. Carolina. You might want to read his thread below and contact them. They can also recommend other Bengal breeders that might be closer to you. Just sent him a pm.
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Both of my boys came from Kai Bengals. Here is his website.
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I have two of Nial's beautiful cats as well - he's extremely responsible and has good connections in the bengal world, so if he can't help you, I'm sure he can point you in the right direct.

He does currently have kittens available, as far as I know!
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I am sure Kai Bengals can help you.
He helped me get my Sphynx.
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For a more local option, I know of Joy and Sam James in Aurora Ontario. They are very kind people, and have a small cattery in their home. I only know one person who has used them to get a pet, but reviewed so well that I likely would have selected them had we decided to purchase a Bengal (we rescued our Torbi Daisy instead and love her to bits!).
Their website is here
Aurora is about 20 Minutes north of Toronto along Yonge St. Also easily accessible via 400 or 404. Public transit via Viva bus and YRT can transport you to the area, and they are happy to have you come visit if you arrange an appointment.
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First of all thanks to those who have bengals from our cattery, for recommending me!

I would rather not send a bengal kitten to Canada as a pet. Too much paperwork!

I can recommend an extremely good breeder with excellent cats in Ontario. Sheila Love of Azana Bengals.

Here's her site:

Good luck, hope you find your new bengal soon!
post #8 of 12 I have been eyeing up these bengals for quite a while. As soon as I convince Dh I will get one
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Wow Nial - I took a look at that breeder's cats - she has some stunning ones too. The boys look like Clouded Leopard patterns!
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Oh, my! I'm drooling all over my keyboard over these gorgeous cats! (I looked at all these web sites.)
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I think I have found my breeder. someone I went to school with is a breeder. I am not too sure of her cattery name. I only just heard from a friend of mine about her. 3 of her bengals are participating in a show next month so I will be going to the show to few those cats and talk to her. Maybe I will run into some other bengal breeders

this is the show
2009 February 21-22\t \tCCA National Show (cat show) - Kingston, Ontario
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That would be cool - funny how things work out. Hope you get a nice baby Bengal.
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