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Pushing Dish

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hi there. my 14 y/o cat, jimi, has recently started pushing his water dish around the kitchen. why is he doing this? is he bored? we play and he gets lots of attention when i am home, and he has lots of toys and another cat to play with when i am not home. any thoughts?
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Hi and welcome to TCS! My first query would be is he eating, drinking and using the litter normally. Not to freak you out, but 14 is getting up there in kitty years. When was his last vet visit? A sudden behavioral change like this in older cats can be a sign of some physical discomfort or ailment. It is best to have a thorough vet check and express your concerns of his new behavior.
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Also if he's given the all clear perhaps try a more solid water bowl? That could help with reducing the mess.
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Two of mine do this - Milo and Biscotte. They hav e a heavy dish with a dispenser that takes two litres of water, but they can both still push it. It is very funny seeing Biscotte do it - she gets behind it and goes at it with her head. She doesn't seem able to drink until she has moved the dish. Milo does it to see the water ripple in the dish, then he drinks.
I have tried putting it in a tray or plastic box but they can do it easier if it slides. So now I am just resigned to finding hte dish in the middle of the floor wherever it starts off in the morning!
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My male devon does this and it drives me nuts LOL. He drags the dish off of the kitty plastic placemat and moves it over by the dining room table...I can't figure out why he does this but he's been doing it for almost a year. I keep thinking he's hinting to me he wants to drink fresh cold stuff instead of room temp?? Other than that idea, I am clueless. He's not an only cat either but the only one in the house that moves the dish.
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thanks to all for replying. actually jimi has been sick with giardia. he is on metronidazole for it. he has had it before, though i don't know how or where he gets it. he never goes outside. anyway, he is still pushing his dish. it's really not a big deal, just annoying. what worries me now is since the medication started he is eating less. he *wants* to eat, but nothing i put down interests him and then he cries like "come on, i'm hungry here!" i can't remember if he went thru this last time he was sick and on the same med. has anyone else's cat been on metronidazole and subsequently lost interest in eating?
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Awww, that is so sad! This is a difficult parasite to treat! Here is one informative article I found about Giardia.
It is possible that it was never completely treated the first time. FOr his recovery, and I would talk to your vet about other treatment methods.
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thanks for the article, cheylink. very informative. jimi is feeling better today and eating a little more.
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How is jimi doing??
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metronidazole is used with people too. It is commonly known as Flagyl.

Side effects for us (humans of course) include a persistent bad taste in the mouth that can make food and drink taste less appetizing and also includes peripheral neuropathy (numbness of the extremities) preceded by a tingling feeling.

I am not a vet, nor am I a doctor... I'm just throwing this out as a possibility, but maybe the behavior is due to side effects.

The bad taste in the mouth caused by the drug could explain not eating (to kitty all of a sudden his/her food tastes horrible) and perhaps the same applies to pushing the water dish around (trying to tell you "this doesn't taste right"). Just a thought.... I have no basis to think that anything I've listed is the true cause of your problem.
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My cat does this when his dish is empty and he wants water
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sabastian has done this as long as i can remember, sometimes i forget and stumble into the kitchen in the morning and end up tripping over it, i have 3 cats and hes the only one who does this.
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