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2 year old cat with diarrhea

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My cat Charlie has diarrhea and has had it for a few days now. It isn't real frequent, but he goes around the house "oozing" out of his back end. It smells pretty bad and he keeps dripping on the carpet which is a pain to clean up. I thought it may have been from him chewing on the Christmas tree and drinking water out of the base. I took the tree down on Tuesday. I called the vet and she thought maybe it was from the Christmas tree as well. Well it is Wednesday night and he is still oozing and has gone in the litter box at least once. He does not appear to be sick. He eats, he drinks, he plays and does everything he normally does. I have another cat and she is fine and they share the same water, food dish and litter box. I cannot think of anything else he would have had access to that would give him diarrhea (last year he ate pine garland...I kept it well out of reach this year). Does anybody have any advice for me? The vet said they had no open appointments today, they are in Surgery on Thursdays and they don't do appointments on Fridays, so that pretty much leaves this week out. The vet also suggested feeding him a bland died of boiled chicken, rice or boiled hamburger...but he wouldn't touch any of that with a 10 foot pole. There has been no changes in their food, and the only thing that has been different is the Christmas tree. Do you think I should give it another day or two and see if it clears up? I know this doesn't take the place of a vets advice, but I am really bugged about this and thought maybe you all could offer some suggestions/advice.

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Call the vet in the morning, tell them your concerns and ask for a recommendation to another vet that can see you immediately. Something else you might be able to do is drop your kitty off in the morning to be seen by the vet and then pick him/her up in the evening. How insane for them to be totally unavailable all day! Can't believe they don't have a relief vet come in on surgery days to see patients.
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Parasites are a common cause of diarrhea in cats. The first thing to do is to get your vet to test a stool sample for them. If the tests are negative for parasites and the diarrhea continues post here again and we can give more recommendations after asking questions about his history.

If he seems to feel OK I wouldn't consider it an emergency. Getting him to your vet early next week should be fine.
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Based on what has happened to my cats in the past, Charlie may have some sort of infection somewhere in his digestive system. Most foods and milks will only continue/aggravate the condition.

You could try to starve Charlie for at least one day but allow him to drink water (only). With luck, much of the condition will have abated after a day and you can then feed him again (preferably with chicken or cooked fish) just a little at a time to begin with.

Good luck!
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My cat now appears to be over his problem. I scooped out the litter box and somewhere in a two day time period he passed what was irritating him. I found stool with silver tinsel garland sticking out of it. I believe he passed it on Wednesday morning, he was still oozing a little that day, but by Thursday night his stool was normal again. I don't usually celebrate when I look in the litterbox, but this was worth a delighted shout or two of "Charlie did a poo like a big boy!" LOL LOL My family things I am demented. It now appears as if I am going to have to pin him down and wash his nether region as his fur is all kind of matted down and all messed up from being cleaned so much. He isn't going to like it one little bit. It was so funny when the vet examined him for the first time he was stepping so high trying to get away from the vet that he even had to laugh.
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