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I'm getting frustrated

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I was contacted a couple weeks ago by a volunteer with a cat rescue in our area after I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a kitten friend for Nora. I got both Nora and Milo off of there, so I figured I would have good luck again. I had no idea we had a cat rescue here, and honestly I cannot afford the fee for a cat under a year at our humane society. I know there are reasons for it, but I just can't afford that PLUS everything else that comes with getting a new cat and taking care of it. I can take care of a pet perfectly fine in the monetary sense, otherwise.

Granted, I had the flu the whole first week after I told them the cat I was interested in and her foster mom contacted me. I lost my voice and was coughing constantly so that didn't make for a conducive phone conversation, plus I was sleeping almost non stop so I just couldn't contact her at first. I emailed the person that first contacted me and explained the situation to her and asked if the kitten was still available, but if she had been adopted I understood. She was too cute, I didn't expect her to still be there. She said that the foster mom was in the same boat so she probably understood.

Since getting better and getting my voice back I have tried to call the foster mom multiple times per day, leaving messages, but have yet to get another call back. The person who contacted me by email (the only person that I have ever had any contact with, besides the foster mom that called me once) assures me she is still up for adoption and says she talks to the foster mom, so I don't understand why she won't call me back. At this point I will have to wait until the week after next to bring a new cat in, b/c Nora gets spayed on Monday and will need to rest. It is making me very mad!!

I have even inquired about talking to the foster moms of other cats just in case, but every time I bring it up the person I email keeps ignoring me.

I don't know what else to do at this point. *sigh*
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Is the foster mom gone (like vacation)? Or is the foster mom still sick?
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Originally Posted by kara_leigh View Post
honestly I cannot afford the fee for a cat under a year at our humane society.
Have you taken into account what the shelter cats come with? If they come health checked, vaxed, chipped and neutered it works out cheaper than "free" kittens.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Have you taken into account what the shelter cats come with? If they come health checked, vaxed, chipped and neutered it works out cheaper than "free" kittens.
The cats through the rescue here are $40 less and come with all that, and you can usually find a cat on Craigslist that someone is trying to kick out for a lot less than that and they usually come altered and vaxed, and I don't care about chipped. I'm not looking for a free cat, and I have no problem with the $50 the rescue wants, but almost $100 is just too much for us right now along with the food I want to feed and everything else. Some people will say that I should just not get another cat then if I can't afford that, but I don't see it that way.
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I had that problem with a breeder before.
I was in contact from Feb or March until August then they started playing games so a breeder in this group got me another one.
I hope the foster mom will contact you.
Its hard to know why she isnt responding to you.
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She finally called me last night, but really late and I had already taken a sleeping pill so I didn't hear the phone ring b/c my phone was upstairs by the computer. She left a message and told me that Quinn is definitely still available, but she had been having diarrhea lately so she was taking her to the vet again this afternoon. She said nothing showed up in her stool sample, so they weren't sure what was going on with her. The foster mom said she would call this afternoon when she got home from the vet (appt was at 3:30) but she never did, or at least hasn't yet. I called and left yet another message telling her I'll be around for a couple more hours and all day tomorrow. I asked her to please leave me a message if I didn't answer and tell me a good time to call her tomorrow and I will do so. I have no clue if this woman works during the day or not, and I've tried calling at all different times of day, but no one ever answers the phone.

The person from the rescue that first contacted me told me in an email yesterday that she "admires enormously my diligence in trying to get this kitten." I feel bad bugging her, but I really want one of their cats, particularly Quinn.
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I sure hope you get her.
Sometimes being pushy helps.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I sure hope you get her.
Sometimes being pushy helps.
See, now here, when I'm checking apps - pushy pushes you to the bottom of the pile. I check applications on a volunteer basis, I'm not paid, and I'm working it in around my "real" job.

I do not answer my cell phone when I do not recognize the number. If it's important, they'll leave a message & I can return the call. The one time I had a thousand people calling me about adoptable kittens & a litter of puppies we had at once (siamese x kittens very young & husky x puppies) - I quit answering my phone after the 12th call in an hour.

Have patience....with loose stools it can be hard - and sometimes when we take in fecals/have exams the vet will think for a day before getting back to us on the best course of treatment. Loose stools can often be caused by stress - but sometimes it is also caused by something like coccidia or giardia that doesn't show up on the first few fecal samples.
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I say just keep trying and be patient with the foster mom. I know you don't want to feel pushy, but if she doesn't call you today give her a call tomorrow. Don't make it sound like you're being pushy. Just say something like, "I'm just giving you a call because you said you'd call after the vet visit, but I haven't heard back from you. I just want to make sure everything's okay with Quinn. etc." Let her know that you know she's busy and such. I'm currently fostering 3 kittens and it's been hard enough trying to get in touch with other volunteers from the rescue I'm working with. Everyone does it on a volunteer basis. The woman probably works and gosh knows what else she has on her plate. If she's not getting back to you right away, I'm sure she's not getting back to anyone else. Good luck!
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Well, I found out I am the second in line for "dibs" on Quinn. There are two other people behind me. Quinn was the only survivor from her litter, including her mother, from Distemper. I don't know what that means for her now, the foster mother wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to ask any questions and then hung up fast. I still want her, but I honestly doubt if there is someone ahead of me that I will be able to adopt her.

I talked to the contact person through email and she said she was surprised anyone else besides me is interested in her b/c she hasn't heard anything. I am continuing on in my search for another cat anyway. I told her I was also interested in a few of their torties. She is fostering a 2 year old tortie named Vicki. She is GORGEOUS!! She looks just like my mom's cat when I was growing up. Here is the petfinder on her She sounds a lot like Nora, mouthy, loves belly rubs and the laser pointer. Her petfinder page has a video of her and she sounds perfect!! I can't wait to meet her.

I did ask her if it would be possible to adopt one of their cats if we were planning on moving across the country within the next 6-12 months, possibly sooner. They have a clause in their contract stating that if they suspect neglect or abuse at any point after adoption that they have all right to take the cat back into their custody. Well, if I'm 3 states away they can't really do that. Not that I would abuse the cat or anything, but I thought I'd ask just in case.
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She is very pretty and looks alot like my Patches did.
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Here's another picture of her that her foster mom sent me. She's so pretty!!

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I love her.
This was my Patches.

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I meet Victoria tomorrow at 2pm, so wish me luck!! I'm so excited and can't wait!

Her foster mom told me the story on her. She was found in a dumpster completely covered in tar. They had to cut her fur down to the skin by hand with scissors. Poor baby! She says she is very talkative, which I love, and that she loves other cats and is very maternal with them. I hope she and Nora get along!
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I hope you like her and get her.
She sure had a bad life being in a dumpster covered in tar.
Poor cat.
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Good luck for your meeting with the foster mom. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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good luck with victoria! her story is horrible so it sounds like she needs a good home.
we had similar problems with finding a kitten.
uk websites that advertise kittens for sale have a phone number which sort of belongs to the website but diverts you to the advertiser so as not to give out their actual numbers on the web.
the amount of adverts with cute kittens from nearby for a good price and sound perfect, but you cannot get through to is so frustrating.
was such a relief to get through to Nala's mums owner!

hope it goes well for you though!
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Well, bummer. I didn't really get to meet her. She wasn't keen on meeting anyone today, and hid under the sofa the whole time. When she wasn't under the sofa she was darting from room to room doing pretty well to avoid me. I didn't even get to pet her to convince her I wasn't mean.

I did fall in love with two other cats she has though. I'm still interested in Vickie, but there was a very overweight female dilute calico named Francesca and a big male tuxedo named Bow-tie. Both were very friendly and wanted lots of loves. Francesca even showed me her belly, which I consider an honor! I have emailed the foster mom about them, but I don't know if they are fosters or not. We shall see.

I was at the pet store today buying a new bed for Nora for when she comes home tomorrow, and they had harnesses on sale for $4. I bought one for when we move. I'm going to start her wearing it so she gets used to it. Maybe we'll take a walk if the snow melts away before we move. lol
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That's too bad you didn't get to officially "meet" her, but I'm glad you're keeping your options open! I'm sure you'll find a good match in no time, if it's not Victoria. I was really immediately chosen by my kitten, it was so sweet! I really love that feeling. How is Nora doing? I was thinking of getting a harness for my kitten while we have a yard, but I wonder if 4 months is too young for one...?
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Nora is doing well from what I've heard. She has to stay overnight, and it is killing me. It is SO odd not having her around, even she has a tendency to go off and sleep and you won't see her for hours. There is just this weird "air" about that says there is no kitty in the house. Does that make sense?? The poor thing, I'm sure she thinks I abandoned her. I can't wait to pick her up tomorrow morning. I have to be there between 8 and 8:30am.

It's funny about the "greeter". The foster mom said that Francesca doesn't normally take to people like that, and rarely ever shows her belly, let alone to strangers. She said it was odd that Bow-tie took to me also, and let me give him skritches and purred up a storm. lol
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