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Shoplifting dog

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This happened at a supermarket close to where I work and we are still smiling about it (I hope the link works)
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Thanks for posting. I had heard a blurb about this but missed the full local report.
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OMGosh.... that is priceless... absolutely priceless.
Thanks for posting, I needed the laugh
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OMG, that is too funny!! Beautiful dog too. Thanks for sharing!
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I seen that a few days ago. I think he's been there before he knows where the good stuff is
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Haha! That is some dog; knows exactly what he wants.
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That's so funny! He looked like he knew exactly what he'd come for.
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aww ... too funny
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How funny!! Smart dog!

I'm kinda surprised he didn't go to the steak or something... Guess they really love rawhides!
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