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Lucas and I

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Hello everyone:

I just wanted to share two pics of my Lucas with me. I hope you all like them The second one is not very high quality, but he looks so cute in it that I decided to post it.

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Awwwwwww both of those pics are soooooooo sweet. You know I love Lucas hes so adorable and he has a gorgeous Mom, too
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He's a handsome boy with a beautiful mom!
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Beautiful pics
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Very handsome boy
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Thank you all
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you are both very pretty
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Goodness, you are both beautiful!
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Man, I love the colors on your cat. My fav is those spots on the belly. I love that in cats. Mine both have white bellies so they don't have it.

You're also a very beautiful girl
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Thank you all

I LOVe Lucas' belly markings, they are soo cuteI love all my kitties so much
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His colors are just great. the eyes match too.
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You know, looks-wise, you remind me a lot of a friend I had a long time ago. Her name was Myrna Cruz and her family was from Puerto Rico. She was a great gal!! Her mom would call her Meer-nah, while the rest of us said her name Mrrr-nuh.
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Beautiful kitty! I love his spotted belly!
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Awww those are lovely pictures of you both
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Thanks for sharing those pics. I love Lucas!
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