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Daily Thread HUMP day Jan 7th!

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Welp, another snowy day here in O-Town I really don't like driving in this weather.

Not much going on today, I was going to hit the gym after work. But if the weather is too bad I am just going to come home.

I got to see my friends baby last night is she ever cute. She is only a week old..and even Josh held her!! It was sooooo adorable!

Anyhoo, have a lovely day folks!
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now now? its like 10:45 pm!!!! The day is over!
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Good morning

It's rather warm out this morning, the big digital thermometer at the bank said it was 67ºF at 5:30am. It was probably lying though Sometimes it gets stuck on a temp and stays there for days. Well, according to, it IS 65ºF now. Should be getting into the 70's today again, just for it to drop Thursday and Friday, ew.

Got to work at 6:10am today, AGH! Rob woke up to use the bathroom, then Katina pounced on my stomach with all 11lbs of herself, which made me have to pee pretty bad too. It was 4:30am! The alarms were going to go off around 30 minutes later so we just got up and got breakfast ready and headed to work. It's ridiculously SLOWWWWW at work lately, I only have 9 batches to keep me busy when my usual is 15-20. Trying to procrastinate, if that's not obvious by me being on TCS!

Gonna leave work around 2:30pm then head to the social security office to change my last name on my SS card. It's been nearly a year and I've been too lazy to do it. But I guess I need to ASAP in order to file jointly this year with Rob for taxes. They're only open 8:30am-3:30pm Must be nice.
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Morning All!!

Snowing here as well this morning.

Heading out shortly I have a Dr's appointment at 10. Afterwards I have a couple of errands to run.

Am meeting my sister at noon for lunch and maybe go to Walmart afterwards. They have several sale items on this week I need to stock up on.

Nothing planned for this evening except some computer time and maybe a movie.

The kitties are good this morning Linus and Pixie are tearing around the house like banshee's and Sassy is glaring at them from the top of the fridge.

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning. Another snowy day here also. It says its going to turn over to sleet and freezing rain later on today on the coast. I'd rather it stayed snow.
I'm watching my grand daughter today so a busy day for me. I'll probably take her outside for abit and pull here around in her sled she loves that..I might even make a atempt at a snow man
The bird feeders are full today they always are when theres a storm.
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its cold and icy over most of the school are either closed or on a delay! Yay!! that means I don't work until this afternoon.

So this evening nothing much...just going to go to the gym and do some biking.
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Not snowy, but miserably cold!

I was woken up by the phone. Work called and asked me if I would come in earlier because they are short staffed. I got home after midnight last night from work, couldn't sleep until nearly 3am, but I said yes. One girl is still there from nights and she didn't get a chance to sleep before going into work.

So I'm off to the chiropractor first and then into work probably by 10am and back again after midnight.

At least I'm off work tomorrow so I can sleep in a bit....and probably go to the chiropractor again!

Was I that eager to get back to work?!
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We had a small amount of snow-just enough to cover all the ice in the driveway!
Since I'm still out of salt I spread some wood ashes so I can walk in the back to feed the birds. Its about 25F now with temps supposed to reach 31 so I might try to chip more ice off driveway this afternoon.

Just working on random cleaning/organizing today for for the next several days too.

I was going to do errands today but will postpone until tomorrow. Picked up Season 2 of the Tudors yesterday but haven't finished watching all of Season 1 yet.

Cats are being good-bobber has been outside a couple of times but just for a few minutes-must want some fresh outdoor air!

Making roast chicken for dinner tonite.

Have a good one................
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I have not said this in a long time so I thought I would sneak this in again.
Every day is hump day when you are retired.
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Well the last few days have been hot and dry. But today (not even 11am yet) it has rained and cooled down, we went from 29 (84.2) to to 19(66.2) blah
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Good afternoon!

Got up fairly early today to get my eyesbrows waxed then hit the gym for 6.15km on the treadmill.

Just had lunch now going for a bike ride to the next city!

After that will return and go shopping for a dress or nice outfit to wear to Kieran's sisters 21st tomorrow!

Have a good day folks!
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