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I feel surrounded

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This morning when I woke up, I had Taz on my feet, Bartee was on my legs, Squirrel was under the covers, sleeping on my chest and Kabota was on my pillow. As I lay there comtemplating how I probably have to many cats! Bailey jumped up on the headboard, stretched out and placed his front paw on my nose. When I didn't move, he reached out and squirmed his way so half of his chest was then on my face. I admitted defeat and got out of bed to do the feedings.
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Awww, that is cute!
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But It makes you feel good!
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You are loved .
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Gee, and I thought 2 cats doing that every morning was annoying! I guess I have it pretty good.
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Hee hee, reminds me of all those garfield comics
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I would say your opinion was in the minority that morning! he he he
Binkys technique is to keep bouncing all over the bed. Hoots prefers the direct approach, a poke on the face.
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I know the feeling!!
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Sounds like they know how to control their momma!
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Tiger does that to me every morning...LOL
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sounds like a great way to wake up!
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Awwww. And I feel trapped when I have Spike sleeping next to me. I have a hard time rolling over with him there... I hate to disturb him.
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Awww! LOL! Your kitties love you! Sounds like they have you trained, too, lol!
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Sounds like you've got a little fan club going! LOL
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Thats funny... cats do have find ways of expressing their minds, don't they?

Their wish - is our command!
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That's the truth! If I don't get up when commanded, Fred goes straight for the bladder!
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Max is our little alarm siren. "get up NOW!"

If that fails, she calls Midnight, the Incredible Bladder-Seeking Cat, to her aid.

That usually works!
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Face it Mary Anne. You ARE surrounded!
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Yes I am, and I surrender!
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