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Smudgey says...

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Mum, can we go back to the vets? I like her!

We went back to see the vet ophthalmologist yesterday, and Smudge loves Dr S. She walks around the exam table smooching against her, smooching against me, rubbing against the equipment. She jumped up onto the ledge and sniffed all the ornaments, and started biting the little Christmas tree they had I tried to put her back in her cage when we were done, but she didn't want to go back in, she wanted to stay

I hadn't put the cage away, and I just went downstairs and found her in it. She wants to go and see Dr S again I guess? This vet treated Smudge's eyes when she was just a baby, and she fell with Smudge then when she came out of anesthesia purring and wanting to cuddle everyone
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That is so sweet, they must love when she comes there
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Awwww Smudgie that little black fluff of love muffin

What did her Dr say about her eyes? Wasnt she saying at one time, they were going to do surgery again?
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Awww what happened to Smudge's eyes? Seems like she's one of the rare kitties who really looove seeing the vet
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awwwwwwww what a sweetie. can you get Smudge to have a little talk with Lucky
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I've just put a post here about the background of her eyes.

Pami - the vet thinks we can avoid mroe surgery at the moment. The fur touching her eyes is quite soft, so there's no scarring of the eyeball that she can see, and it's that scarring that leads to ulcers, and the irritation is caused by other issues as much as anything, so at the moment she doesn't see the point of lasering of those last few hairs.

Smudge seems pretty happy with us just putting lubricant in her eyes on a daily basis, so we'll stick to that.
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