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Daily Thread Tues Jan 6th

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Morning peeps!

I am heading to my friends house after work..she just had a baby in late December. I can't wait to see the little one again, she is so cute!

I think I have to do laundry as well tonight..blah.

Its not going to be too bad of weather today, but we are getting like 15 cms tomorrow of snow.

Anyhoo, have a lovely day folks!
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It's going to be near seventy here! Morning all. Had to get up early because the plumbers coming, I'm doing laundry right now, and we're taking our Christmas tree down today. That's my fun filled day.
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Last I heard, its supposed to rain all day here, has been raining since yesterday evening. By the time it rains out, the estimates are that we'll have over 3" of rain....so we're under a flash flood watch until late tonight at least.
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Hopefully your day starts better than mine. I attemped to wash my over sized comforter and ended up flooding the laundry room. It was the 2nd thing I did this morning cause it takes like 5 hours to dry. Now I have to figure out how to dry out the area rug with oatmeal like bits(clumpable litter).

Nothing else planned for today. I do have 4 boxes of baby clothes to sort from my cousin. I am in no rush cause I am enjoying having the house to myself.

It's supposed to be a wintery mix today. Just enough to make is slippery.
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Morning All!!!

Not to bad of a day here, -7C and cloudy. It is suppose to snow later however.

Not doing a whole lot today, got all my errands finished yesterday, laundry is all done and the house is tidy for now.

I put out a flank steak this morning so am not sure what I will make with it. I was thinking either Swiss steak, or maybe cube it and make stroganoff.

The kitties are good this morning, we are going to do the brushing, ear cleaning and nail clipping thing a little later. Luckily the are good and don't mind having it done. The only one that gives me any problem is Pixie and it isn't because she gets upset or anything it's because she quite heavy and if she doesn't want to stay there's not much I can do about it.

Everyone have a great day
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Good afteroon

I had an early start to my day today had to have my car at the garage at 8AM in the next city to have my 4 new tyres put on then I came back home and had a sleep and went back to pick it it up at 10AM.

After that went to the gym for an hour and did 5km on the treadmill. Home to have lunch and check the mail and I found out I've won an award for my work in the 1st year of my degree!

Then went for a 30 minute bike ride and am now relaxing on TCS. Oh and yeah heaps of cat feeding and litter trays in between all that

Tonight it's home baked fish and chips for tea and probably a DVD

Hope everyone's having a great day.
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