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Luna is HOME!!!!

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Yes, FINALLY my sweet girl is happily sitting in my lap!! I'm ecstatic, she is AWESOME!!!! Just a tiny little thing, I am really surprised!! She looks SO big in her pics but she isn't!! She was giving me kissed as soon as I took her out of her kennel :-) She isn't afraid of the dogs at all, they are all around my chair trying to see her and she just looks at them and then reaches out to pat them with her paws, so cute!!! So here are a couple of pics of sweet Luna!!!

Luna's opinion on plane trips....
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She is so cute.
How much does she weigh?
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She weighs just a hair (LOL!!!) under 3 lbs. I am just so in love with her, she's bouncing around on my lap and pouncing at the dogs that keep poking their heads up here, lol!!
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I am still trying to talk my husbnad into saying yes to a dog.
What color did the breeder say she is?
Does she have hair on her ears and nose?
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The breeder and several other breeders are still trying to determine her exact color, lol!
She has a TINY bit of hair on her nose and ears and a bit on the tip of her tail :-) She just got done eating her dinner sitting on my lap, I think she probably needs to use the litterbox by now but she'd rather sit with me, lol!
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She's lovely and wrinkly
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Cleo peed for 5 minutes straight when we got home.
They would not let a litter pan go on the plane.
I could not believe she held it all that time with out going in the kennel.
Cleo is black and white.
I do not understand how they get the colors.
She looks blue.
She is lighter then Sasha who is a Russian Blue.
The hair on her ears is black so maybe that is how its done.
I need to learn more about the colors.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I could not believe she held it all that time with out going in the kennel
Only one of mine wet on their journey. Farley & Ana came in the same carrier and the blankie was a tiny bit wet.
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I so adore the follically challanged cats. Luna is stunning!!
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Awwww she looks like she is just oozing from sweetness
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Those big eyes are just too much. She is too cute!!!
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Welcome home Luna
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Thanks guys!!!! She is a doll and so very sweet!!! I took her to the vets today for her checkup and ran some other errands in town, she just rides along in the front seat and looks around or sleeps. She isn't afraid of anything!! Everyone that saw her wanted to know WHAT she was, lol, someone even thought she was a dog!!
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You have any more pictures.
People think Cleo is a funny looking Chihuahua.
We took Cleo back to thereg vet today because her gaging and everyone had to see her. Sphynx sure are friendy cats.
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I can't believe someone thought she was a dog, she looks nothing like one! She's absolutely beautiful, and I love how she's completely unafraid. Looks like she's going to fill your days with lots of fun and love, congrats on your new addition!
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Luna is very gorgeous. I love her nose!
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She's adorable. I'd love to touch her!
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Did you say MORE PICS???
She is sleeping on my lap curled up with one of my Chinese Cresteds, they groomed each other for a bit before falling asleep, lol

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I love that last pic. What a social little baby!
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I love her.
She is so cute.
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Luna is gorgeous,and look at those big pretty eyes just adorable. Welcome home Luna and hello from Legolas and Tome
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OH MY GOD!!! not only do u have a gorgeous kitty but u have chinese crested's!!!!!! ive always wanted one of them they're so frikken adorable!
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Luna is just adorable and I love seeing your Chinese cresteds!
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Luna is darling!!!!!!
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LOL, yes I have 3 Chinese Cresteds they are right up there with Sphynx in my eyes, awesome little animals!! I'll have to post a pic of my CCs sometime
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You made me want a chinese crested dog lol.
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Luna is sooooooo adorable!!!! Sprout sends her special Sphynx welcome-home-head-bumps.
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haha Sprout...what a cute name and good looking too!
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