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For Tempyst

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Little Tempyst, my baby tiger.. You were always so sweet and loving, even at the very end. You tried so hard to not let us know you were sick, but you couldn't help it. I look at your picture a few times a day, my favorite, the one of you at 7 weeks old at a costume contest in the pumpkin hat I made you, and my heart feels raw at the edges of your place in it. I remember when we first got you, after a stranger, now I think an angel in disguise, brought you into the store I was working at, saying she'd found you the night before at a gas station during a huge rainstorm. Your eyes were huge and scared, your head much too big for your body, but once I looked into your bright green eyes I knew that you'd already captured my heart, that I was meant to have you in my life. We decided to name you Tempyst because you were found in a storm.
After only having you a couple of weeks you had your first case of pneumonia. You were only 6 weeks old, but you fought so hard. We took you to the vet and they did x-rays and determined you had a weak lung lobe, and put you on antibiotics. You got better so quickly, you were such a fighter. You were fine for a couple more months, but once again you started breathing heavily and we took you back into the vet. They gave us more antibiotics and told us you probably had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so they gave us heart meds for you. Every few months we'd go back in and get the same thing but you always got better after just a couple days. We brought Edward home at 2 weeks and you were so excited to have your own 'baby', just like Draco had babied you. You took such good care of him and you 2 were the best friends I'd ever seen in cats.

Even though you were getting pneumonia all the time and your heart wasn't as good as it should have been you were such a joy to have around. So playful and gentle, you'd always put your little paw on my face when I held you in my arms on your back, patting it once in a while to show me you loved me. I believe you waited for Dillon and I to come back from our trip before needing to go to the bridge. We had one more night with you happy and playing with your baby before the trip to the E.R. and 2 days later you crossed the bridge. You fought so hard for every inch of your life, and it wasn't fair, but you touched so many lives while you were here.
I'm sorry we couldn't do more for you while you were alive, but I know we did the best thing for you. You were smiling when your heart stopped beating, and I knew that you were grateful for that last little bit of help we gave you. You're sorely missed here, and oftentimes I think I'll still get my 'bathroom buddy' before I remember that you're no longer with us, and your brothers still call for you at night.
We love you Tempy. Run fast and breathe easy.
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that was so lovely...
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Poor baby RIP little one

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what a beautiful, touching tribute for your precious baby.

RIP little one.
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That was a beautiful tribute to your little one. Rest in Peace Tempyst.
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I am so sorry about Tempyst, RIP Sweet baby
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What a beautiful touching tribute. You captured exactly how I felt with my rainbow babies. RIP Tempy.
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Thank you all for your support and kind words. It's nice to know there are people here to lend a hand through this.
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, little Tempyst. You are sorely missed here on Earth, but I know that you are very welcome in Heaven.
Your tribute was indeed beautiful- what a treasure you have lost
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I`m so sorry you lost such a special little kitty

Rest In Peace Tempy
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What a beautiful tribute to your little one RIP sweet Tempy.
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RIP Tempyst!

My thoughts are with you at this time.
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