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I guess we have a 3rd cat. Meet Henry!

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I can't believe we have 3 cats now!

Back in August, my SO's sister adopted a black kitten from the humane society. I took some pictures of him and put them in this thread:

One of the pics from the thread:

I was happy for her, but nervous because she has had cats in the past and they tend to go 'missing.' In November, she started making comments about what a handful he was (and he is, lol). She would jokingly ask us if we wanted him. I wasn't so sure that she was joking.

I volunteer at the humane society, where I take pictures of the adoptable animals for our website and petfinder. I was looking at our website to find pics that needed to be replaced and I came across this guy, a black cat named Henry and labeled as 7 months old. It said he had been there since November 30th, 2008. I could tell from his animal ID number that he had been previously adopted and then ended up back at the shelter. This was the picture I saw:

I wasn't sure it was the same cat, but I was suspicious so I told my SO. He contacted his sister to ask how Henry was doing, and she replied by saying that he had gone missing and she hadn't heard anything. This was on December 10th.

We told her he was at the humane society and she acted like she was going to go get him. She didn't. On Friday, December 12th, my SO went over on his lunch break to put a 24-hour-adoption hold on Henry. He decided that if she didn't go re-adopt him, that we would take him. She knew he was there yet was making no effort to run down and get him (wouldn't you want to do that?). Plus, the shelter is the only one here and it's the first place you look for a missing pet! On Saturday, December 13th, I was at the shelter volunteering. I looked it up in the computers to make sure it was the same Henry (it was), to see if they called his sister (they did, multiple times). He came in on November 30th as a stray, kept him for the stray period, and put him back up for adoption. (Thank goodness this was winter and not the middle of kitten season, and that there weren't already a million black cats there).

My SO told his sister that we had a hold on Henry and that if she wanted him, she had to go there that day. For some reason, they didn't place a little "i'm on hold" sign on his cage so people kept trying to adopt him all day. The first couple picked a different cat after finding out that Henry was not available. A woman came in later who did really want him and was not interested in any other cat. She found out that he was on hold and was going to put a second hold on him (in case we didn't adopt him). So we had until 5:00 to adopt him. I called his sister at 4:30 to see if she was coming, and she had some story about not having her purse with her (???) and she thought she had until 7:00 (my SO mistakingly told her that the shelter closes at 7, which they do on weekdays but not weekends).

So I adopted him. I haven't posted until now because I wasn't sure if we were going to officially keep him. There is nothing in the adoption contract about re-homing, but I'm really uncomfortable with the idea (for obvious reasons). The shelter knew the whole story (I volunteer there), but it still made me feel icky. I was hesitant to put this whole story up here because I didn't want people to be upset about the fact that I was willing to have her take him back (we really were not looking for a 3rd cat...). When I adopted him, I told his sister that she could have him if she (a) kept him indoors only, (b) kept his micro-chip and license in my name, and (c) did not re-home him. She never came to get him. We told her we'd be happy to keep him. Over Christmas, my SO asked her about it and she made comments like 'I never asked you guys to get him' and 'fine, I'll pick him up.' She hasn't...and we're not pushing the issue.

This was his first day home. I've never seen a cat just waltz right in and feel comfortable with the new place. No hiding under the bed, nothing. We tried putting him in his own room but he just darted right out and ran to the couch, plopping down as if to show who was boss. He played for a long time with Da Bird.

I love this picture, you can see his pretty Black Smoke coloring. Black cats are hard to get pics of!

He's now been in our house for 3 weeks and I don't think he's going anywhere. It's starting to feel permanent. Our cat, Matilda, was surprisingly uninterested in him. Chloe was hissing a lot for the first week but they are starting to play with each other ('starting' being the key word).

More Pics:

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Congrats! He's cute - and I'm glad he's got a good home.
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I am so glad you were the ones who took him, and not your SIL... I have a friend who is just like her... one day I went to her house and her cat was missing... When I asked her, she said... oh... yeah, it's been a month... He was microshiped and she didn't even report him as missing.... These people simply are better off not having pets at all...
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she's probably one of those people who prefer baby animals... i have a co-worker like that - she'll adopt a kitten or a puppy, but once it gets biggish, there's always some 'reason' she has to re-home the animal[s].
one summer she hand-raised a pair of kittens found in her husband's place of business. she was asking about spay/neuter that Christmas [but wanted to declaw, too which another teacher & i STRONGLY advised against] & was also thinking about finding a new home for them. i told her she'd have better luck rehoming if the girls were already spayed.
according to her, she found a new home for them w/o spaying them - probably did - she seemed to have good luck finding new homes for her semi-grown animals [she did a similar thing w/a puppy - another teacher took him]. maybe she's just not as picky as i am?
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He's beautiful and he looks right at home

I think you did the right thing.
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What a gorgeous kitty
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He's gorgeous. I'm glad he got a good home. So, he came into the shelter as a stray? What did she just stick him outside and call animal control or something? Sheesh!

People like that should not have animals. They like the IDEA of a pet but not the daily upkeep, etc. or, as you said, they like the appeal of a baby, but don't really want the animal.
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the bottom line is that you tried to do the best for henry, and the pictures show that you have done exactly that!

he looks so settled and happy. well done you!
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He's a beautiful cat. He may feel at home so much because your house smells similar to his previous home.
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He's beautiful! He looks a lot like my Riley

I am glad he is with you now, where he will get the love and care that he needs. Welcome home Henry!
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He's gorgeous, I'm glad you took him, and I hope you SIL NEVER gets another cat ever again - sheesh!
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What a gorgeous kitty,Glad that he will have a good home,he looks very happy!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
He's gorgeous. I'm glad he got a good home. So, he came into the shelter as a stray? What did she just stick him outside and call animal control or something? Sheesh!

People like that should not have animals. They like the IDEA of a pet but not the daily upkeep, etc. or, as you said, they like the appeal of a baby, but don't really want the animal.
Yeah, he came in as a stray and not a surrendered pet, which is why they held him for a few days before putting him up for adoption. She said he got out once and someone brought him back, but that he got out again and she didn't hear anything about him. It is SO cold outside, I don't know how long he was gone. I wonder if she maybe had her boyfriend drop him off at the shelter as a 'stray', I don't know how to look up the name of the person that brought him in though (if they even keep track of that, which they should).

Henry hasn't been here that long but he fits right in. Mattie didn't really pay much attention to him, which was shocking. I thought she'd be really affected by it. Chloe was really upset, hissing and growling. It got better and after about a week, they are fine together. They are even starting to play! Henry and Chloe have such similar personalities, I expect they'll become friends. We did a slow introduction and the whole closed door thing for a while.

He's a fun little guy. He's the only cat here who will really sit on your lap for any meaningful amount of time. He LOVES our dog. Unlike our other cats, Henry likes to play with our dog. He'll jump on his tail, or if he's on the counter he'll jump down from the counter on the dog's back. Our dog, a labrador retriever, plays back but we have to watch them at all times because he doesn't know his own strength and Henry is too playful to even think about swiping the dog with his claws as a warning. (They are never alone together...Henry has his little bedroom and the dog has his crate).
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