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My K9 kids

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This is Lola (short hair) and Jose ( long hair )....I had a sheppard mix who was pts 6 yrs ago and I didn't want another dog ..dealing with her death was very hard...But I fell in love with my daughters friends little chihuahua....after about a yr of researching I decided to get one myself....then 8 months later I got another...Chihuahua's are wonderful pets..most ppl would be surprised...they make a wonderful addition to the family....

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Awww they are so cute
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Wow! Very cute.
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Very cute dogs indeed!
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They are adorable!! love their little sweaters
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Thanks....thats the fun thing about chihuahua's u can dress them tried it with my cats for fun and most hated it but the kitten Molly just curled up in a sweater and went to sleep....

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Your babies are adorable!
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Awww!! They are sooo precious and their little sweaters are as well
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