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If I won the lottery...

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I'd buy a Bengal or Savannah cat and build an interior courtyard at my house for my cats to play in.
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Depending on how much i won i'd-
Keep some for a deposit on a house
Make a HUGE outdoor enclosure for Charlie
Give some to my grandparents
Buy myself a nice set of curtains and some furniture
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If I won some significant sum of money, like 100K, I would pay off my debts, including my home, get rid of my hamd-me-down grannymobile(Buick) and take a nice trip!

Larger sum... you know -like 10M --add all of that in, invest conservatively for my future and travel, travel, travel!!! I think I would also endow a cat rescue, with funds to pay for emergency vet care, etc.
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Again, it depends on how much. A smaller amount, I'd pay off my house and buy one for my parents.

A big jackpot, though, I'd buy a farm and work with local rescue organizations turn it into a state-of-the-art animal shelter.
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same kinda thing here really, if it was the smaller amount i would travel for a while till i got bored, buy a few more cars, try to ensure i didnt have to work again.

the larger amount i would get a place in the sticks, sort my friends out (not just my family) possibly get some propertyt abroad too, but i would love to leave my mark for future generations, build a race track maybe? racing has always been my passion.

or if i was like bill gates richard branson etc, i would try for the land speed record i think? maybe i would throw you guys a few quid too eh! lol
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I'd buy a larger house, not only for the felines (actually, they seem to have quite enough room to romp around!), but so that we could have a walk-out, finished basement, and a larger guest room (I have to share my sewing room with a double-bed and dresser. The bed has to be pushed up against the wall.) When we bought this house, we really wanted a basement to house our 2 sewing rooms (we each have one). Alas, we loved this house anyway, hence no basement or 4th bedroom. We'd also love a larger, 2-car garage. Our "garage" is actually too small width-wise for a car! I'd also like more land to garden on. We have .13 of an acre.

I'd also make sure DH pays off his debt, and that he would incur no more debt!
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Depending on the amount....

I would pay off our vehicles...get a new(er) one

Umm, I would love to open a animal rescue,of course would be in the country,which is another thing I would buy(house in country)

I would help out family members/friends...and also put some money in the bank for the kids...
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I would pay off my debts, buy a place in the country where I could take in all the strays/ferals, put some in an interest earning savings account, and buy a brand-new Mustang! .
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If I won the lottery, first and foremost I'd buy a human baby or two, since we can't have any more (at least haven't been able to) since our son was 18 months old when we started trying (he'll be 10 in two weeks from today ). Anymore, it isn't really adopting a baby, it's buying a baby. Luckily the adoption agency we will go through deals only with infants and it is free minus the legal fees at the end from your attorney. That can still get pricey and is more than we can afford right now with me not working.

Then I would probably buy a new vehicle for both of us.

I would build a new house on a huge acreage with a detached double or triple garage with all the stuff needed for hubby to work at home.

I'd probably get my max allowed in our county of 5 cats.
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under 100k .. pay off all debt and not worry about the daily grind ... maybe get another car ( a real car not a small suv) or a small place in a WARM climate

big amount ... live my dream me alone on a ranch with lots of animals
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
under 100k .. pay off all debt and not worry about the daily grind ... maybe get another car ( a real car not a small suv) or a small place in a WARM climate

big amount ... live my dream me alone on a ranch with lots of animals
You want to move to Texas?

I'd pay off depts, and probably try to get in to a proper autonomic clinic... then plan a trip to Ohio or Tennessee for it...though I heard there's a good one in Mexico City, too. If there was enough money leftover and I was healthy enough to handle it I might travel to a few countries in Europe.
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I would buy myself a house, pay off my Scion and sell it, and buy a fast car and make it faster, pay off my medical bills, pay for my medical assisting class.

Then put most of the rest of it away, and not touch it for a large number of years!
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depends on the amount...but no matter what id take care of my parents t first since the have done everything for me.

if it was in the MILS, then id call my dad and tell him to quit his job and id buy him a brand new truck and have a house built in the country for him.

id tell my mom to pick out a nice house in the city ( shes a city gal) or id have her one built. id also sit down with her and have her pick out the dialysis cruise of her choice that we would go on.

i would have a beautiful house built for me and BF with a special sunroom for the cats to lounge in.

i would finally be able to take my dream vacation, i would book me and bf a 2 week vacation to dubai, staying at the burj al arab.

and if it was enough to where i never had to work again, i would open up my own animal shelter and volunteer all my time to helping animals, thats always been my dream to work to help animals.

sounds like alot but thats cause i daydream about this alot and have it all planned out lol
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jackpot: My dream is to be able to do whatever I feel like doing whenever I'd like! I would truly live day by day!
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My husband and I would set up lawyer and financial advisor meetings. Then we would buy a modest house, saving and investing the rest of the money. Years from now, my husband and I would retire to Switzerland, where we peacefully live out the rest of our days together. In our will, we would leave a sizable sum to our daughter (and her future family ), and the rest would be a legacy left to individuals and organizations who we want to help financially. That would be pretty perfect, let's do that!
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OK, the song to insert here is Jimmy Buffett's "Somewhere Over China." It's a song that should have been one of his big hits, but never was.

"Just a semi-normal person,
Thought he had his future planned,
Then he won some silly sweepstakes,
Now he had a hundred grand,
Never stopped to think of taxes,
He was gone before they knew,
With a flair for old romantics
To the Orient he flew..."

If I won the lottery, I'd buy a house in Hawaii to live in 50 weeks per year, and one in Jackson Hole, WY, to spend Christmas at.
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If I won the lotto, (I'm going by Powerball amounts) I'd pay off our mortgage in full, pay off my parents' house and their debt (as long as they cut up the credit cards so there'd be no more debt!), buy a house in New Jersey or the Caribbean. I'd buy a new car in full for me and for Rob. I'd save the rest (I'm sure there'd be a lot leftover if we're talking multi-million winnings).

Rob pointed out once that he would get half since we're married, and I told him he could do what he pleased with it. I know he'd probably give some to his parents too.

If it was only ~$100k, then I'd put $50k down on our mortgage, give about $5-7k to my parents, and save the rest.
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I think my first priory would be a house but one I could design myself. I have also dreamed of having a nice open-concept house, with a huge master suite and bath.
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