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The books are here!!!!!!!!

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I can't believe it! This was so unexpected! I had a package from Debby and it was the two TCS books!!!

I'm going through them now - they are wonderful! Thanks everyone! It's the best gift ever! I'm having fun trying to guess the member by the picture of the cat

The only sad thing is that the last note is from Debby with lots of picture of poor Merlin
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I'm so happy to hear the books made their destination. Although I wasn't here when they started, hopefully I can get in on another book sometime.

It is so sad about Merlin... I hope Debby is ok.
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What a miracle that this book has finally reached its destination!
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YAY!!! Sounds cool!!!!
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I have no clue what you are all talking about.
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Good Lord! FINALLY?!!!! A 2.5 year destination! Well gee Anne, at least you are pregnant as was part of the original plan! I am so happy that you have them- and boy if they could talk, what a story they would tell!

Thanks to everyone who originally signed on, signed the books, and sent the pictures. Let's do it again real soon shall we? LOL
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OMG! Wow!

Anne, I'm so happy you finally got them!
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Hey Hissy, you have a good point. At least Anne is pregnant now that they have arrived!
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Did she get the books because she's pregnant, or get pregnant because the books were finally arriving? We may never know the answer........
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Well as I know the question will come up from a newbie to the board here is the saga of the catbooks:

For the newcomers-

The catbooks is a project I started well over two years ago. I had gotten a cute book about cats, and started sharing the snippets on the board with all the members. Mr. Cat suggested I share the entire book (it was quite short) but not into typing all that much, I decided instead to ask for members who would be interested in reading the book and send it out on it's way through regular mail. Well about 27 people (I think, it has been a long time since this happened) were interested and signed on. So the book was sent out. The idea was to put an inscription in the book to Anne and include two photographs of our cats. The last person to get the book would send it on to Anne and she would keep it. It stayed in one spot for so long that people finally gave it up for lost and I came and posted about it telling everyone how sorry I was that it didn't work out to where everyone had seen it. Then with the response I got from that post, I decided to buy the exact same book and send it on it's way- so I did (now this second journey was Febuary 2001) The book had already been missing for months prior to that.

Lo and behold when the second book arrived to the member next on the list-so did the first one! Now there were two books traveling and it has taken them this long to get to the end of the line. They have hit a few snags in the way and been swallowed up in the black hole of "where did I put those darn books anyway?" But so far they have always been found.

They started on their journey back when Anne announced she was pregnant with Ron- and the idea was for her to have something to read, as she spent the majority of her pregnancy in bed. Then the joke was the books might get to her before Ron entered kindergarten, then it was college. Now it looks like they might get to her before the end of the year. I can hope anyway.........

And that is the saga of the cat books, as I said, if they could only talk what stories they would tell!

And how funny- Ron will start kindergarden soon- so looks like I was right! I guess in Anne's country they start school a lot earlier.
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Awww, that's cute, and very thoughtful
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That's such a neat idea!
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Holy Moly I though they'd never get to Anne! well at least they are finally there safe and sound! now Anne has something to read to her first and next born child! YAY!
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Excellent I'm glad they arrived!!

If we start another book now, with the number of members that TCS has got, I think Anne will be looking forward to her GRANDCHILDREN arriving the amount of time they will take to get to her!!!
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