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Liquid Drontal

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Why is there not a liquid form available for cats?

Or liquid ivermectin, for that matter?

Fear of overdosing, I guess. But it's hard to get the drug into the cat unless you have the knack.
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I honestly think pills are easier than liquid. And I'd imagine drontal would be very very bitter as a liquid.

Have you tried using a pill pusher from the vet? (though the drontal tablets are a bit large for the one I have). Or ask you vet if they have any pill pockets. You may be able to trick your cat into thinking that they're eating a treat instead.
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I couldn't imagine trying to give Harley a liquid....I could somehow see more winding up on her, me, or the floor than what would actually get into her. She's actually taking Drontal right now - I've been using pill pockets to get her to take them. She doesn't seem to notice that she's taking pills at all; she just thinks she's getting a couple of treats.
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I hear ya, I'm much better at liquiding a cat than pilling one- my boy Hades had to have Drontal once and the only way I finally got it into him was that it dissolved, getting him and I yellow in the process
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We have a spot on wormer available over here called Profender
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Just a word of caution: If a cat is sick (other than from worms directly) do not give your cat a dewormer, like if the cat is fighting a uri or virus, etc...It is much better to wait until your cat has fully recovered prior to giving dewormer medicine. I found out that the dewormer can affect the cats immune system, and make it harder for them to battle their own illness, in addition to fighting off the worms. The dewormer can weaken the cat as well, making them more susceptible to getting sicker when already sick. I have heard about this alot lately...

I only used Drontal once, but it seemed like it was very strong. I have used liquid dewormers in the past that seemed to be more gentle on cats than the pill.
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^It's all a matter of dosage. Obviously with a liquid it is much easier to get the dosage more accurate to the weight.

I do agree about not giving a dewormer when the cat already has enough to recover from.
I did recently deworm a cat with drontal who has a wound on his face. He's still on antibiotics but aside from the localized infection was even healthy enough for neutering. This of course, was all with the vet's ok.
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