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Our Avery

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Good day everyone:

I found this site and appreciate everyone who contributes to it and have found it very helpful in our time of need. My wife and I had to make the decision to put to sleep our 9 month old, Avery. He was our first born of the litter and was always the "runt". He held his own tho... very energetic, very playful, very unique. He got sick over the past week and after many tests that were run, he had cancerous cells in his bone marrow which attacked his vital organs, including his muscles. He was so weak but tried to fight it. We made the decision to allow him to move on as the vet indicated transfusions/transplants would be extremely painful for him and there's no guarantee. We miss the little guy alot but we know he's in a better place. He'll always be remembered.

Avery 03/26/08-01/01/09

Thanks again for a wonderful site to be able to share and read others stories.
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Oh the poor baby, he was just a baby as well

I'm so sorry, he was far too young to leave you both

Play happily at the bridge Avery, all the older TCS cats will mother you now


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So sorry you had to make that decision

Rest In Peace little Avery
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Avery.
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Condolences on losing your precious Avery at such a young age It took love and courage to let him go peacefully, instead of forcing him through painful treatments in order to cling to him longer. My first JC was diagnosed with throat cancer and I made the same decision. I had raised him from less than a week old (he was thrown away in a dumpster) and he went everywhere with my girls & me - he'd been to Sacramento, Orange County, Escondido and was a welcome guest always. I know their little spirits still sparkle over the Bridge, but it sure leaves a darkness for us here on Earth.
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Awwww, he was so young I am so sorry RIP Avery
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Losing one at any age is rough but he was just a baby so it makes no sense.
RIP little one.
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