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Nikita's home

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I went back to Iceland for Christmas to see my family and had a fantastic time. However while I was gone Nikita was boarded in a cattery for 2 weeks.

I got back late last night and today I got Nikita from the cattery

She meowed at me almost non stop for a few hours, very carefully went through the entire apartment to make sure it was still hers but then came to cuddle with me on the sofa.

I'm really glad to have her back now and I think she's glad to be back She's purring up a storm.

It's funny how small she looks there really, she's curled up very tightly and my arm is as much on top of her as it is around her so she's not as small as she looks there.
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She may not be small but she sure is sweet! I bet you both missed each other terribly!
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What a sweet picture.
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She does look small there - she looks pretty content as well! Going away makes her appreciate her mum more huh?

Welcome home, glad you had a great time!
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Awwww.....look at her all cuddled in there!
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That picture speaks volumes
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Pure bliss!
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She missed you SOOOOOO much!
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Awwwww She missed her meowmy!!
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