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Why my dog Bruno is amazing

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I love my kitties so much, but this thread is about my precious puppy Bruno. I have had many dogs in my life, all of them screwed up by some idiot so all had major issues, Bruno is one of those dogs. However, no matter how screwed up he is, no matter how scared of EVEYRTHING he is, people just fall in love with him.

Today marks the 7th….. yes the 7th person who has told me that all of their life they were terrified of dogs and Bruno changed that for them. 7 people have said this to me. I have had dogs for 20 years and have never had anyone say that with all of my many dogs. I just think that it is amazing that my little Bruno is so kind, and sweet that people fall in love with him, even if they have been afraid of dogs all of their life.

Bruno is a German Shepherd / Rottweiler, right now he is only 50 pounds but he is pretty scary looking to a person who is afraid of dogs.

I am just so proud of him and thought I would share because he deserves recognition (although he might prefer a bone lol) for converting people from dog haters to dog tolerates.

I just wanted to share. Anyone else have a people converter?

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My dog converts people into being scared of dogs. She's 22 months old and she's SO hyper!

Bruno is very gorgeous. He deserves a pat on the head and scritches behind the ears!
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I have 2 that people fall in love with the minute they see them, but then we have Buddy who really doesn't make a good first impression. He is very protective of me & our house and tends to growl at people if they don't give him time to get used to them, I have found if I & the person involved will take him for a walk, he warms right up.
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There used to be a little girl who lived in my neighborhood who was terrified of dogs. Whenever I would walk past her house with my Golden Retriever Ginger, all the other kids on the block would run over to play with Ginger but she would run away into the house or up on the porch but she would also say hi to Ginger from there.
Then she was going to move away. We were walking and I guess she knew this was her last chance to see Ginger. The girl called to me from her porch to hold Ginger. I had Ginger lay down and I held on to her collar so she was facing away from the girl. This girl who would never even come near a dog came up and started to pet Ginger's back! She was obviously very proud of herself that she actually touched a dog and I was really happy for her. Ginger of course was just happy to be petted by anyone...
I've done that before with kids who were a little nervous of Ginger-- I'd have her lay down and then hold her collar or head so she could not turn towards them because some kids are just really nervous of the teeth (even though Ginger would never do anything but lick!) It seems to help.
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