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new cat help needed

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hi all we re homed a 5 year old cat yesterday we have two 7 year old cats and a dog so we are keeping her apart from them at the moment she is in our bedroom but the problem is she has not eaten or drank any water or used the litter tray is this right do you think she will eat soon
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Keep her in a small room (like a bathroom, if possible) where she feels safe. Keep her food, water, and litter box there. Go in and sit with her, so she can get used to you.

It may take a few days, but it often happens suddenly, all-at-once, that the new cat trusts you and approaches you.
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she keeps coming out from under our bed to get petted and goes back under she is a very loving cat it was just that she was not eating
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Try to give her the food she was eating previously. However, when we got Punkin, he was starving. He is a picky eater, and wasn't eating what they were giving him at the shelter.

Try giving her a very smelly wet food, just to get her eating. Others here can tell you more, but basically, it's not unusual for a cat not to eat for a while after coming into a new house.
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Have you tried a can of wet food? When I brought Harley home, she was so terrified that she refused to come out from under my bed at all. I had left dry food in the bedroom, but she wouldn't touch it at all. I put a small can of wet food in her bowl and laid down on the floor so I could pick up the bed skirt and see her/talk to her. The second she smelled the food, she made her way over to the edge of the bed and stuck her head out to eat. We worked our way forward from there. 3 months later, the only problem I have with her sometimes is that she wants me to stand in the kitchen while she eats and "protect" her.
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we have put down dry food wet food water and some gammon she goes and smells it and walks away
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