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Lucas pics:)

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Hello everyone:

I'm happy because my boy Lucas is looking soo good! (he has been sick). he turned 2 years old on January 4. Here is my precious boy

I make clothes for Lee Middleton dolls and I was trying to take a picture of a preemie dress, but Lucas wouldn't let me, first I tried on the bed:

Then on a chair:

hehe, it is hopeless....
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He's a beautiful cat!! Looks almost like the new kitten I hope to get from a rescue soon!

Nora has that same look on her face a lot when I take pictures of her. lol
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He thought the camera was all about him!
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He is just gorgeous!!! Maybe you should put the dress on him
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He is so beautiful. Hes looking really good.
Originally Posted by Momto4kitties View Post
he will be 2 years old on January 4.
That was yesterday! Happy Birthday Lucas
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Thank you all haha, Yes, Lucas wants everything to be about him.

haha, I've tried getting him dresses, but he hates it and my brother gets mad at me when I dress him. he says that's humilliating for Lucas.

yes Pami, Lucas turbed 2 yesterday! he says thank you!!!

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