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Birthday gift!

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Ted has been gone most of the day,I I thought he forgot my birthday,but he just got home and gave me a beautful necklace! I tried to get a picture,but they were all burry,so I just will tell you about it! It is a black onyx[sp] w/ a small diamond on it.The onyx is marque[sp] shape.It is beautful!,now all those bad thinks I said about Ted [in my mind!] I have to slap myself!
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:flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:

WEll happy birthday im glad he didnt forget that sound liike a pretty necklace . well i how u had a great birthday

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Way to go Ted!!! I'd love to see pictures if you can manage to get some good ones. Sounds like an beautiful necklace Happy birthday girl!!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! It's always nice when they come through and surprise us like that!
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Happy Birthday Sherral!

The necklace sounds beautiful. Way to go Ted!
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How nice!!! Sounds beautiful!!
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