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I'm posting this for someone who contacted me for assistance in finding new homes for her cat.The owner has come down with a new health condition and must find the cats a new home. The family has tried to avoid it for a couple of years, but the situation has gotten worse and there is no other option. Bozak is a 7-year-old male. Jewel is a 5-year-old female. They are both neutered/spayed and up to date with their shots. Neither has an existing health concerns or conditions. Bozak and Jewel are friendly, calm, and well-behaved cats. They get along well with children (they have a 3-year-old in their family). The family is not sure about how well the cats get along with dogs. The family wants Bozak and Jewel to remain together, as they have a great bond. These two would make a great addition to any household.
The current owner requires an adoption fee of $25. If you are interested in adopting Bozak and Jewel, the family would like you to come meet them. Upon adoption, the family ensures they will take the cats back if it doesn't work out.

If you are interested in speaking to Jewel and Bozak's owner and/or meeting them, please contact