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Good Thoughts for a Good Man?

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Just got news that a dear friend of mine, my old boss, is facing a tough decision.

He is nearly 90 years old and has many many health issues. To make a long story short, he needs to decide if he wants to come off the ventilator. Doing so will kill him, but the ventilator is having other bad effects on his health, which are making him both miserable and could be possibly lethal.

I don't really know what exactly I'm asking for... Either vibes that he's ok or vibes that he goes quickly and peacefully... So can I just get some good thoughts for him? He's a really good man, and he and his family are going through a hard time right now.

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Good thoughts coming that way
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That's really sad, what a horrible decision to have to make Sending lots of vibes
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Prayers for him.
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Prayers & vibes for him & his family during this difficult time.
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many vibes for him.... It sounds to me he is ready to go home.... May his journey be a peaceful one
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Bless his heart... whatever he decides, may he find peace of mind.
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That's awful. I can't imagine having to decide something like that, but any one of us could be in a position like that...
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I'm so sorry that it has come to this. It's one thing when you close your eyes for the last time; but something altogether different when you have to decide what to do. Blessings and love to Joe, his family and friends during this difficult time. They are all in my prayers.
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My prayers are with him that he will make the right decision. I also pray for him to be unafraid.
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Sending good thoughts and prayers... I hope everyone involved can find acceptance and comfort.
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Many blessings to your friend, and the wisdom to make the right decision for himself and his family.
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Thank you all so much for your good thoughts and prayers and vibes! You made me tear up, and I know he appreciates it, too.

Just got an update from a friend. He has decided to stay on the ventilator, and in order to do so, he needs a tracheotomy. He is so brave and strong... I hope this works for him. His mind is still very sharp, so I know he is making the right choice, and I am sending so many prayers...

Thank you all again!
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Thank you all so much for the good thoughts! I shared this thread with everyone, and they were all really touched.

Just got another update today... The tracheotomy isn't working. He is still too weak. He is sedated right now... His family has to make the choice now whether to leave him sedated and take him off the ventilator, or wake him up to tell him what is happening and get some final good byes in...

Your good thoughts have definitely helped his family during this time, thank you...
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