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Dog meets Cat

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Today was the day. Kizzy (cat) came out of isolation.... he was in a room upstairs untill he got over his cold, I got the poisonous plants removed and the ringworm issue has been dealt with....

Enter Brandy (dog). Has not seen a cat in ummmm 8yrs or so.... has the house to herself (except, she is not allowed upstairs). Brandy is 9-9.5yrs old... and hyper..as in she likes to jump all over people and things.

I put Brandy in a room and shut the door. I opened Kizzy's door and left.

Eventually he found his way downstairs and got moderately comfy in his surroundings.

I'd let Brandy out for a pee, Kizzy would hide under the end table.

Dinner time, I left Brandy out. When we eat, Brandy is not allowed in the dining room. Kizzy was in the tv room. So for Brandy to get to Kizzy, she would have to come into the dining room which she won't.

After supper they met. Nose to nose. No hissing, no barking, nada. Brandy got a little excited so I called her, scared Kizzy back under the end table LOL.

So yup, their first intro went SURPRISINGLY well I was impressed.

The only prob I see, is Brandy may hurt Kizzy with her hyperness.

The intro will continue tommorrow
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I'm so glad things went well! I'm sure once they get more accustomed to one another, things will calm down a lot.

When my dog was alive, I took in a stray cat for a few months. My mom's apartment was too small to separate them, so they met right away. The two of them checked each other out quite thoroughly...and then proceeded to ignore each other completely. And I thought there'd be hissing, spitting, and barking.
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Hmmm, I'm still waiting for Kizzy to come downstairs. This morning I opened his door again, so he's got the hallway and 2 rooms upstairs he can wander.

I think he wants to come downstairs but.....

Brandy's spot is the bottom of the stairs LOL. Kizzy isn't that brave yet.

Maybe he'll sneak down when Brandy goes outside for a pee.
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My new kitten, Toby, is about 15 weeks old now. She is a doll and she just met Charlie, my 8 year old Cocker Spaniel, last Friday. Things have gone surprisingly well! Charlie has barely ever seen a cat before either, but he doesn't seem that interested in her. I'm more afraid of the DOG getting hurt by the CAT than anything... though I keep Charlie on a leash for now while they are supervised together. I keep the intros somewhat brief and they're doing just fine.

Keep us updated!
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I'm sure they'll be friends in no time.
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that's great that it's going smooth. I am really happy for you!
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