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We went to the Er vet today!!!

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Cleo has had a cold and she is gagging and wheezing so we went to er.
She finished clavamox but it did not help her.
Today she got a xray to make sure it wast turning into pneumonia.
Her xrays are good.
She got a Timentin Shot and Cefa Drops.
She also has a fever.
Whe I took her to the evt a few weeks ago she had sneezing and a cold and cough but no fever.
The vet said it came from the stress of being on the plane.
She is also teething.
She is still hyper and acts normal.
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Hope she gets better soon.
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Glad you went to the vet since she was gagging and wheezing. That always terrifies me. So glad to hear that her lungs were clear, too. Keep us posted on how she's doing!
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She is only 5 months also so I was scared because she is young.
I hope the other cats do not get it.
I wonder if the fever came from the vets since she did not have a fever when she went before.
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awww poor baby, I hope she's okay
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awwww poor little sweetie. feel better soon Cleo
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Oh!! Get well soon Cleo!!!
Luna is suppose to come in tomorrow, I hope she doesn't catch a cold
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I hope she dosent get sick.
What is the weather like in both places?
Cleo gets her first dose of cefa drops soon.
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Aww Bless her
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How long should it take for her to stop gagging?
I hate that she does that.
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The gagging will stop a few days after the meds get into her system. The gagging is caused from the drainage down her throat, just like in humans. Steaming her several times a day and making sure you keep her in a room with a vaporizer really, really helps a lot, too. If you can get them, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water in the vaporizer or in the little thing where you add an inhalant for the vaporizer. Eucalyptus helps clear out sinuses and makes it easier to breathe.

Fever is caused by an infection, so as she got sicker, the infection got worse, then her temp went up. I use an ear thermometer to take my kitties' temps.
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I know when my kids were little many years ago taking them into a steamed up bathroom was routine home care for bad colds. It really helped my kids for several hours.
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Thanks Everyone,
She dosent have a runny nose at all anymore.
She has the wheezing and gaging.
I tink the wheezing is better today.
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Hope your little one gets better soon - she's got a tummy contest to win!
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i will see if I have any other pictures I can use.
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Cleo is still gagging.
She does not act sick at all.
She sneezes a little still and has no cough at all.
I wonder why she gags still.
She is all over my russian blue.
She let Cleo grab her around the neck and chew her ears.
I think Oreo Cookie Monster is upset though because Sasha always plays with Cleo now.
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Aww, I didn`t realise she was still a baby!

Get well soon Cleo
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She is 5 months old.
I wonder if her teeth are causing her to gag.
She is losing all her bab teeth and has double teeth on top right now.
My other cats had double teeth.
I will try to get a pic of hat she does to Sasha.
Sasha lets her chew on her ears.
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We took Cleo to our vet yesterday and he said her throat is sore and that is causing the gagging.
It came from the cold she had.
She has post nasal drip.
he said give it a month to go away and if she still has it to come in.
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Poor Cleo! Glad she's doing better. Here are more healing for her.
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