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Three Kittens Abandoned

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Some idiot in Toronto abandoned these 3 kittens in Toronto today, I found this on another board I belong too.
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Their so sweet, all posing for the photo.

The Three Kittyteers
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They are sweet. I hope they find homes.

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[b][font=arial][color=seagreen]Ohhh they are all very nice looking, specially the dark one!
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Such pretty kitties!

I hate people sometimes...
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OMG, they are sooooooo cute!!!!!! I want one!!

I can't believe anyone would abandon those precious little things!!!!!
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So cute! Who could get rid of them?! I want them, all of them.
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Wow, how could any person abandone ANY living creature much less ones as cute as these guys! I'd take em all in a heartbeat if Craig would let.
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They are allll sooooo CUTE!!!! How on Earth could anyone abandon such precious babies??????
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Awww... they're so sweet.

Some people are just jerks... I just don't get it.
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They are so cute! How could anyone abandon those sweeties?!
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Moving this to SOS.
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It's hard to understand how some people's minds work. One look at these kittens pulls at the heartstrings!
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Those kittens are gorgeous! How could someone dump them? .. GRR , I hope that have found homes
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Three very beautiful babies. Really hope mine are half that cute.
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OMG they are soooooooooo cute! I love that little one all the way on the end!
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Do you know if these babies found homes?
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Awwww those kitties are SOOO cute. I especially like the light grey one on the left. Wish I was closer, I'd take one in a heart beat! I'm a BIG push-over! LOL
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